Sunday, January 25, 2009

Goal Attainment

Good Morning my friend and dear one, for it is I, Ophelius and I am well pleased with your determination to sit in the silence, to pray, and to receive. I hear the concerns of your heart, that these messages you receive be pure and uncolored by your own mindal wanderings. Do not worry, we take great care in guiding you, and you have always brought forth the true form of the ideas and as perfectly as you can according to your gifts. In time, and with discipline and patience, will you hone these skills with ever greater quality and precision. Just keep at it my dear one, for we all here in the Circle are cheering you onward.

This morning I would like to talk to you about goal attainment and how one might go about efficiently planning and plodding a course to success. So many of you humans live such lives of haste and business, living day to day and week to week—running the course of your lives with little thought of your future estates and the potential eternal destiny that awaits. Goal planning and attainment is a most elusive thing to you, and most have not a clue about how to begin. I speak here this morning about spiritual goals, but these truths can be applied to many areas in the life on the material worlds of time and space.

The human mind responds well to sequential thought patterns. Since you are creatures of time, you naturally think this way, so that being as it were inherent in the physiology, it is beneficial to create a list of goals and desires in written form, and in order of priority. From there you would outline the steps needed to attain the stated goal and execute them accordingly. This sounds very simplistic does it not? Now, how do we apply these simple truths to our spiritual life?

Let us first open our minds to the greatest attainment possible, looking far into the future—a future beyond this world. Let us look toward Paradise and to the Core of Finality, where you will stand before the Father of all, the First Source and Center. To you mortals this is only a vague concept, but none the less, a starting point for your spiritual goal attainment. From here it would be necessary for you to have some working knowledge of the universe and how the natural laws and celestial governments work to promote the children of time homeward towards Paradise. I say to you and to all those that will read these transcripts to educate yourselves by first, asking for the spirit of truth to guide you, and to read your Urantia Book and other works that teach truth and guidance. For throughout your entire ascendant careers on the mansion worlds and beyond, you will continue to be educated in spiritual truth, and as you go, you will impart this knowledge to those behind you in ascent, so that they may be where you are. There is no better “time” than the present to begin this education my beloved. As your knowledge of spiritual things increase, so too will the ability to teach be amplified and the steps to the goals you have outlined become ever more apparent.

This list of written goals will be a dynamic list, which will continue to change and evolve as you gain experience and wisdom, first starting out as broad generalities, and then in time, bringing each one more and more into focus—replacing each one with more defined ideas. I can not tell you which goals to write, that is up to each individual according to his gifts and personality. Living the example of the Master Jesus and focusing on the ideas of brotherhood and service will keep you on a path of steady progression. Nothing in the universe is impossible dear one, for we are all co-creators with Him, and as we progress nearer and nearer to the Source, will we become more like him. You may now revise your list dear one, and place at the top these words: “Be you perfect even as the Father is perfect.”

Good day,

The Circle of Seven.

Receivers note: The Circle would like to expand on some of these messages, but do to the limits of the receiver to sustain contact and for the benefit of those who later read these messages, it is better to limit the amount of material to smaller packets of knowledge.



  1. Dear Chris....

    I AM drawn to your writings through the 11:11 Progress Group. Possibly a connection with your guides "Circle of Seven"???? Do you have a personal web site or email address available for further communication?

    In Light, Love and Gratitude,

  2. Hi Cindy,

    I welcome your invitation for discussion. I am always eager to learn from others and to be of service in any way I can.
    Please email me :

    Looking forward to your email.