Friday, February 20, 2009


Good morning dear one, we are here with you on this beautiful sunny morning. It is I, Ophelius, and today’s messages is about sanctity. What is sanctity, and how does an ascender acquire and condition himself for victory over his animal nature? Sanctity is the willful segregation of one’s spiritual nature from his animal nature, where he or she focuses on the future estate as a glorified spiritual being in loving service to the Paradise Father. To be able to fill the yearning and calling of the Father, and to be ever progressing forward, it will become necessary for the agrondonter (those who believe without seeing) to put aside more of his or her time for meditative thought and contemplation--to connect with the deities and the Thought Adjuster.

Through sanctity one is to become Holy, and by that I mean there is a serious attitude of reverence for the doing of the Father’s business. There must be clear intent and motive for forward progression and there must be ever increasing times of centeredness from the drama of daily living. Become self-aware and step outside of yourself periodically throughout your day. Remember your sacred duty to the Father and to your brothers and sisters--make contact with your Thought Adjuster, even if for a few seconds in the midst of your busy day. By doing so, you will increasingly establish greater connectivity with the cosmic mind, and you will, day by day, develop greater awareness of spiritual prerogatives and leadings. This “centeredness” is the vehicle for raising your spiritual frequency, which provides for a less resistive path for the ministering spirits to work in your life.

There must be a commitment to discipline yourself for the doing of the Father’s will. It is not enough for those who read these messages to get a warm and fuzzy feeling for a few moments and then go back to unconscious, pointless existence--falling back into old habits and digressing in soul development. No, you must push forward and have the desire to be more like Him--the Father who has called you to be perfect. Project the person you want to become forward into the future and strive to become it through sanctification of spirit, soul, and mind. Those that have started on this path can look back and see the steps of forward progression that they have ascended and take comfort in knowing that they will achieve the prize, the ultimate goal--to stand in finality before the Father of all in Paradise.

Good day,

The Circle of Seven


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