Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cooperation and Unity

Teacher Ophelius:

Today’s messages is about cooperation and unity of spirit.  Those that are spirit led are united in purpose and cooperate in the plan for the mutual salvation of all who yet stumble in darkness.  To cooperate fully and to know and do the will of the Father is to subject yourself to the obedience of spirit. How does one become obedient?  Ask, “How may I serve you today Father, and who can I be a blessing to.  Those that are hungry, please send them into my path.”  To cooperate in unity with spirit is to be ready and aware of the opportunities that are presented to you--knowing with insight that these opportunities are placed in your path by spirit and are not the imaginings of your own thought emanations. 

It is time for you to mature now in your thinking my beloved, for time is passing by quickly in your short lives in the material plane.  You must start to put into practice all that you have learned and begin to act in cooperation and in unity with spirit. We, your spiritual guides, teachers, guardians, your indwelling spirit, your divine parents, are always ready to assist you in your great work.  It is time to stop thinking about self and how your past, your upbringing, your environment, and other influences have confused and delayed your path to freedom.  You have sufficient means to do this work, and by doing the work will you bring all the lost pieces of your life together as you weave the beautiful tapestry of the human soul and build a glorious future in eternity.

Make it a habit to check-in with spirit throughout your day.  Take a moment to step outside the business of your day and ask, “How may I serve.” To cooperate fully is to be in constant contact with spirit and to pray continually.  To pray is to have communion with God and the more we “commune” with Him, the more shall we know His will. 

The Father does not expect that you will always be in contact with Him in your conscious mind, but as often that you may, the greater will be your receptivity to his will.  The indwelling spirit is your super-conscious connection to the Father and in Him are you always connected.  By bringing this awareness to the forefront of your mind are you acting in cooperation and in unity with spirit.  Through the acting out of the spiritual leadings, soul growth is attained and the collateral benefits to those that you serve will have an exponential effect on their lives and others as they become more real through their contact with you.

“Not my will, but your will be done.”

Good day,

The Circle of Seven


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