Sunday, September 27, 2009

Today is the Day

Christ Michael (Jesus):

Today will be a new day for many.  On this day I call to those who are poor in spirit; the forgotten; those that have been cast out by men; those who are abused; those with broken hearts and confused minds; those that have been labeled; those who wear the scarlet letter; those on the outside looking in; those from broken families; those with scared wrists; those who fear the angry voices of their accusers who would bar the way to their salvation; yes all you, the lost sheep of this world, come to me, I will take you in and give you rest; I will bind up your wounds; I will give you living water, and you shall never again hunger or thirst, for you shall be called the sons of God and shall sit at the table with your loving family and dwell in the Father’s house forever.

I love you with a fatherly love, and I want you to come to me now, this day, this moment, and poor out your soul.  You are here today because you, in faith, have reached out to touch the hem of my garment.  I say to you, come, and let me show you the way.  No man, group, church, religion, or society can prevent you from seeking and receiving salvation.  You are here now with me, and you have my undivided attention.  You are at the head of the line my child, and eternity is spread out before you.  What will you choose?  You can take my hand and walk through the door, or you can turn back, and return to the pain of your past.  Today is your day, come with me child.

I stand at the door and knock, and if any soul answers, I will come in.  It matters not what you have done with your life up until this moment, I know your pain, I see all, and I know the hearts of men, for I have walked among you, and I have experienced all temptation.  Come and sit in the mercy seat and let my love pour over you now.  If it is the Kingdom you wish to enter, then come!  The indwelling spirit of the Father lives within you and he holds the keys to the kingdom, but you, my child, must turn the key, open the door and walk through.  There is no ceremony, no ritual to perform, no prayer to recite, only your unwavering faith in the sovereignty of the Father, the creator of all, who calls you to be perfect as He is perfect.  Believe that you are a true son or daughter of the most high, and claim your birthright now in this moment! Believe that God is your spiritual father who loves you with the deepest and most divine love, and who invites you to take the grand adventure of eternity--to be like Him, to find Him, to stand in finality before Him, and to be of service in His eternal kingdom.

Today is the day my child, choose well.

Peace to you.

Note from receiver:

This message was preceded by a vision of a man who was a transsexual who came running to my door.  He had been chased out of a church by an angry group of men who called him all kinds of vile names and shouted insults and abominations at him.  I took him in and I could see that he was frightened and broken, he was a confused and tortured soul who had reach that place that many of us have come to--the dark night of the soul.  His eyes were tear stained and his makeup had run down his face.  Without words, I tenderly and lovingly wiped his tears and cleaned his face.  When I looked into his eyes, I could see in an instant, his entire life flash before me.  I saw his abusive childhood, his broken home, his fatherless upbringing, his neglect of motherly love, the rejection from his schoolmates, and the enticement of false love from seedy individuals who offered him refuge in exchange for sex.  Here stood a man whose whole life was lived in the absence of genuine love--thrown into the world without guidance, without hope, and without a true friend.

Here is a man who is indwelt by the spirit of the Father.  This fragment of the Creator, this pre-personal spirit who choose to indwell this individual, having all foreknowledge of his life, and yet do we, his brothers and sisters who are also indwelt, reject and cast him out.

This message has a two-fold meaning: (1) It is a call to salvation and an opportunity for these lost sheep to know real and divine love. (2) It is a wakeup call for the rest of us that sit in judgment on our brothers and sisters who, not having walked in their shoes, take our good and decent upbringings, our family love, our love of God, and slam the door shut on them least we be contaminated by their misfortune.  As we read the message, we see that Christ is always ready and willing to receive them.  Are we ready to receive them and show them the better way?



  1. I have long felt that the church's teaching towards homosexuality as a sin is wrong. I truly believe that homosexuality is not always a moral choice but rather a genetic disposition. It is like saying somebody who is born with Down Syndrome is a sinner. No! God loves all his creations equally.

  2. There seems to be some confusion here (how surprising! surely, every aspect of humanity can be analysed, classified and neatly labelled?) I hope I may be forgiven such a lengthy comment as I attempt to highlight differentiating characteristics which I believe should not be dismissed hastily.
    Some people whose development is affected by less-than-perfect parental attention may develop homosexual tendencies, perhaps as an attempt to find love.
    But some homosexuals are the children of happy, stable homes. Researchers now believe that there is a gene which codes for homosexual orientation, and that homosexual children are a natural response to maternal stressors.
    Transsexual, or gender dysphoric people are a very complex and relatively poorly understood phenomenon. Because of the variety of psychological patterns that can mimic a transsexual gender identity stringent assessment protocols have been developed, as much to protect those for whom life-changing medical treatment would be inappropriate as to identify those with a genuine need for medical help. Perhaps the clearest illustration of the need for accurate diagnosis is the history of the late David Reimer, the "boy who was raised as a girl" on the advice of Dr.John Money. Far from being the expected success story (Dr.Money was convinced that nurture could trump nature), David's story was a tragedy of epic proportions.
    In addition to my own experience, it is stories like that of David that reinforce my belief that medical intervention, while largely palliative in its current state of development, offers the best hope for the gender dysphoric sufferer.