Saturday, October 24, 2009

Doing the Will - Believe

Teacher Ophelius:

Today I will speak about what it is to be free from all doubt and to live in complete obedience to the direction of the Father’s will.  I spoke to you previously about co-creation of will, and communication of will.  Moreover, must we consider obedience to will through the surrender of all doubt and disbelief.  Many times in the past have I talked about the importance of self-mastery and I will again reiterate this important state of being, for it is the true path to perfection--to be in complete control of your emotions and to use the spiritual tools of love and focus the adjutant mind spirits to work for you as a force of clairvoyance to see the path clearly and to make decisions in accordance with the Father’s will.  

When we begin to surrender our disbelief we will begin to realize the power that God gives to his children.  To live in confidence as one who has sonship with Him is to live in peace and joy knowing that your footsteps are guided and protected.  Take comfort my beloved in the providence of the Creator, for as we let go of the doubt and worry from the mind we free up that wasted capacity to receive his blessings.  Doubt, worry, and disbelief are negative currents that go against the natural flow of divine love, and they prevent this love from manifesting in our life. 

To illustrate this, picture a majestic river flowing from its source high in the mountains (divine love) and winding its way through the countryside (your life) where it will eventually empty in to a great serene lake (the soul) where it will quench the thirst of all who drink it (desire) and provide transportation to many in villages along its banks (the sharing of light, growth, and progression).  Now picture the beavers who come and build their damns (doubt, worry, and disbelief) and slow the flow of the river. They unintentionally flood the lowlands and create pain and suffering for the creatures that live therein (the spread of negative energy, darkness, and the teaching of hard lessons).  The villagers see the water level of the lake slowly dropping, their wells begin to dry up, and they discover the damns that have been slowly built over time (the beginning of wisdom).  They at once clear the debris and get the river flowing again (spiritual awakening). They now go into the lowlands and rescue those that have suffered from the floods created by the damns (light workers doing the will of the Father) and when they had returned home they had a great celebration with their friends and families (peace, joy, and eternal life in the kingdom of God).

So you see my beloved, we often create a lot of needless suffering for ourselves and others when we let the backward flow of doubt, worry, and disbelief prevent us from receiving the full measure of our divine inheritance.  Let us break the damns wide open today, let the Father’s will rein in our lives, and let His peace and divine love overflow our cup.

Good day,
The Circle of Seven


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