Saturday, October 10, 2009

Doing the Will - Create

Teacher Ophelius:

Today I would like to share a lesson on Doing the Will of the Father.  Those of us that are on the path have been diligent in doing those things which helps us to know the will of the Father, and we have, to some degree, achieved a level of self mastery that keeps us on the path to knowledge and wisdom.  Love for our fellows is growing inside of us and everyday is becoming more exciting as we come to know more about our spiritual Father and become like Him.

It is now time for us to put our faith into action by acting on this divine Will that we are beginning to recognize as the Father whispers into our soul those things that inspire us to be more than what we thought possible only a short time ago. It is time to let our fear vanish and let our faith fill the void left by its vacancy.  It is time to put into practice all those things you have learned and make time to use them by reaching out to your brothers and sisters who are struggling in darkness.  It is time to show the light that you have been cultivating and put it on the lamp stand for all to see.

All of you have the talent and ability to be co-creative with Him who has given the gift.  Many of us have unrevealed talents that have been suppressed by fear or lack of opportunity.  Some are just too busy in their temporal work to find a channel for this creativity.  Many know they have gifts and talents but use excuses like, “When I retire, I will do this,” or “I will get back to doing that which I loved to do in my youth.”  My beloved, that day may never come for you--NOW is the time.  You must make time for this creative channel to work in your life.  The divine spark that lives in us, IS a fragment of the C-R-E-A-T-O-R!  That is what He wants us to do--CREATE!

Habitual living has a way of burning up many years of our life, and if you say that you have a poor memory, it is because there was lack of achievement or little creativity happening in your past to make notable memory.  Let us now begin burning worthwhile memories into our mind and soul by exercising our creative channel.  Pick up that paintbrush; write that book; play that musical instrument; blow the dust off that sewing machine; take that class and learn those things you desire; meet those kindred spirits; join that club; volunteer your time; all those secret desires that lay like glowing embers in the back of your mind, DO!  For in the doing of the things we LOVE, you will find the Will of the Father there, and as we pursue these things, so will we be given the opportunities to progress and to enlighten others.  The Thought Adjuster seeks this creative channel--let him guide you to it!

Good intentions and lip service will no longer satisfy those who have sonship my beloved, make a commitment to DO!

Good day,

The Circle of Seven


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