Sunday, January 17, 2010

Accidents of Time

Teacher Ophelius:

Today I will speak about the accidents of time and their significance in relationship to the individual and their soul journey.  I would like to address the recent disaster in Haiti where hundreds of thousands of lives were lost in a great quake that caused total destruction in that country.  Many are saying that these unfortunate people are reaping the wrath of an offended God for their alleged “pact with the devil.”  This idea is utterly ridiculous and has no basis in fact.  Even if a large group of individuals had pledged their allegiance to the dethroned prince, Calagastia, those individuals would be dealt with on the Morontia spheres and be offered mercy by Christ Michael just as were all the rebellious personalities that took part in the Lucifer insurrection.  It is entirely up to the individual to accept or reject that mercy.  Many of you have made unwise decisions in your short lives which becomes a learning experience in this kindergarten of creation.  Certainly there are consequences to all actions taken, but in no way do they taunt the wrath of a vengeful God against a race or nation.

These individuals who may have made such a “pact” do in no way have the capacity of intellect or the education in universe affairs and human destiny to cast themselves into the abyss for making such an unwise decision in their short lives on this time-space world, and they in no way can cast a mark on their future progeny as a debt owed to the devil.  This idea of wrathful vengeance by an angry God is a primitive superstition propagated by the records of less evolved thinking peoples who attributed natural phenomena to the emotions and whims of deity. 

This unfortunate tragedy was the result of the geologic shifting of the tectonic plates which happens frequently and in many places on your world, for which their will be other, even more devastating quakes and disasters that will take even more lives.  These are the Correcting Times my friends, and there will be much more turmoil to come as the earth is purged and made ready for the era of light and life.

Already has this calamity brought the world together in the spirit of brotherhood.  Men and women from all over the world have felt the spirit of this brotherhood and the need to reach out and help their unfortunate brothers and sisters who have survived.  They have pledged their money; are sending food, water, and medical supplies; and they will help to rebuild this shattered little country and make it into a much better place than it was before.  It will also leave a mark in the DNA of those people who were jolted into a realization of what is real and what is illusion.  It is difficult for you to see good come out of such tragedy, but I assure you good will come of it.  Those individuals who lost their lives are being taken good care of and are being acclimated into the Morontia life where they will continue their education and training to answer the Father’s call to perfection.

Carry on my brothers and sisters in doing what is right--seek truth, appreciate the beauty, and exemplify goodness in all your experiences here in this theater of life on the worlds of time and space, for this is only the beginning.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven.


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  1. This is a very illuminating, encouraging & comforting message...also inspiring
    Thank you Ophelius & the Circle of Seven
    I am so happy you are on this planet & helping us into Light & Life-You have no idea how much of a relief this information is ! Thank you Chris for your faith & dedication to the Will of our Father in Heaven