Sunday, April 18, 2010


Teacher Ophelius:

Today's message is about preparedness.  The Correcting Time is NOW my beloveds, and for many, it is very real where they are.  You see it on your televisions and read about it on your Internet, yet most of you are numb to it because you think, "It won't happen to me" or "It wont happen here."  Many are suffering as the disruption of their daily lives becomes a reality.  They wake up to the cold hard fact that their lives will never be the same again and there is no going back.  This is happening in the physical and the spiritual realm for them.  Some are digging out of the rubble of an earthquake; others are choking on the ash of a terrible volcano watching their homes burn and crumble; while still others are wading through the flood waters of a storm looking for their loved ones.  Nothing will be the same for them, yet they are the survivors of the Correcting Time and for them they will start anew and they will be stronger for it.  They have become the pioneers of new thinking and living. 

The trivial and material things that seemed so important to them just yesterday no longer have the value they once had.  For many are experiencing their first thoughts about eternity; about a creator; what or where their place will be in the next life--if there is a next life.  They are questioning and re-thinking their whole existence and the meaning of life.  They are reaching out to their fellows and discovering the real value in human friendship, love, compassion, and sympathy.  These awakening souls are the seeds of the new millennium--the forefathers to the age of Light and Life.

It is time for you to start thinking about preparedness, and I do not mean to say that some terrible disaster is coming your way, yet that remains a possibility, but rather I want you to start to think about being a survivor--a son or daughter of the Most High, one who knows their place in the universe and who wants to be a part of creation.  Let us be the eyes, the ears, the hands, and feet of God on the ground in this world as all things are made new.  Let us be of use to God by tuning into His Will and doing those things that make us valuable to Him, and to humanity. 

Pray for the survivors of the Correcting Time.  Number yourselves among them and stand with them as you go boldly into the future together.  Let us realize the value of the things that really matter in this life.  Love your friends, your family, your children, for tomorrow is uncertain and you must glean every cherished moment and hold it deep in your soul as the treasure you will carry with you throughout eternity.  View yourself from a new vantage point and hold a broader, longer view of your future to include the search for God and the sublime adventure of perfection attainment as you pass from glory to glory in playground of the Father's grand universe. 


The Circle of Seven


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