Monday, May 31, 2010

The Core of Mortal Guides

Teacher Ophelius:

Today I will speak about protection and how it is that your guides and guardians see that you are afforded every opportunity for soul growth by the choice of your own free will, yet through gentle guidance do they point to the way to the path of the greatest possible learning experiences, while at the same time, keep you safe from harm so you can maximize those experiences in the worlds of time and space. 

If only you could see how many personalities are involved in your guidance, training, and protection here on the earth plane, you would be truly amazed at the level of highly sophisticated orchestration involved in the process.  The Creator loves you so very much that he sends all these unseen ministers to work in your behalf so that you have every possible opportunity to awaken and discover this great love--to know and to seek Him out and to become like Him. 

Many will say that this "protection" is not real, for so many have perished or become physically damaged by mishaps and accidents--how could there be guardians on duty to watch over all the souls on the planet?  My friends, these things do happen and many of them are learning experiences, yet many are also the accidents of time that are not foreseeable.  Those that are more in touch with their Thought Adjusters and have a higher level of spiritual awareness are more likely to respond to the gentle leadings of these wise ministers and therefore do they stay clear of the many dangers of this world. 

Those individuals that are immersed in the material illusions of this world and are out of touch with spirit realities are more prone to wander into dangerous waters.  The guardians of these charges work very hard and use the help of those humans with higher awareness to guide and lead their charges into the paths of growth, learning, and safety.  How many times can you recall someone you know or even a stranger that came to your aid and helped you on your way when your were in need?  These "mortal guides" are receptive to the leadings of spirit and they may or may not be aware that they are being led to act as protectors of those less responsive individuals, yet at the same time they are leaning and growing from the experiences of acting on these leadings to help and serve others.

I ask all of you who read these transcripts to enlist willfully into the Core of Mortal Guides, that you may act as protectors and teachers to those who stumble in darkness; that you would tune your spiritual ears to hear the instructions of your guides and guardians to help and to serve others; to be involved in this blessed ministry of guiding your brothers and sisters into the paths of light where they can awaken and discover that they are the sons and daughters of God and have eternal prospects and the opportunity to become a part of creation rather than an bystander.

"There is no greater love than to lay down one's life for a friend."


The Circle of Seven


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  1. Hello.
    I find that my own purpose is coming into alignment with my intentions and gifts. Events in the past that were not clear are now focused and because I trust the process and fine tune my awareness, there is an order that makes sense to me.

    Previously, there were times that felt much like crises, when in fact they were times necessary for important shifts and advancement of my essence.

    To be more specific, I used to be a highly successful professional musician. I was unexpectedly thrown off of the course that I knew as a musician. My career ended abruptly, leaving me with many unanswered questions. I went into mourning for the seemingly unfair and illogical loss of my music. That was in 2002. I understand that in order to evolve and attain a certain level of enlightenment, it was necessary for me to change my path.

    This becomes clearer with each passing day. I comprehend the significance of encompassing a universal perspective rather than a tiny slice of an earthly point of view. I am also more trusting and accepting of the love of the God and who I consider Sophia. I spent years studying many spiritual philosophies that opened doors of light and a thirst for knowledge.

    This (blog) has brought me a new level of joy.

    I am gratful for this connection.
    In Peace,