Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Fear Factor

Teacher Ophelius:

Today's message is about "the fear factor."  What is "the fear factor" and how does it affect our spiritual growth and our capacity for truth discernment?  Fear is the one thing that the angels do not comprehend, for they have never experienced this emotion because they live in, and are aware of, the constant presence of the Father's love, and therefore do they abide in his perfect will.  Humans also live in this constant love of the Creator, yet they seldom realize or become aware of the presence of this love because of the manifold illusions that keep them from knowing His perfect Will.

Fear is a shackle and it prevents us from experiencing the joys of knowing and trusting God to lead us into the path of growth and truth.  Much of human fear is unsubstantiated fantasy seeded from the constant bombardment of subconscious propaganda by the elite rulers of this world to control the wealth and resources of the planet.  Governments use it to affectively enslave the masses to keep this illusion of fear alive, which prevents mankind from awakening to the real truth about the nature and destiny of human ascension and spiritual evolution.  For the master said, "fear not those who can kill the body, for in doing so, they no more have power over you." 

How do we let "the fear factor" into our lives?  It comes in many forms and influences.  It starts early in our childhood where we inherit these traits and behaviors from our parent's fears.  We are told, "you must not do this, or this will happen to you."  Some of this was practical advice about keeping the body safe from harm and knowing the limits of temporal living, but much of it came in the form of this over control of authority to keep the program running--to make obedient and perpetual buyers and sellers to fuel a system that would enslave the ignorant masses into upholding the illusion that would ensure the wealth and power of the elite for generations.  Fear is the one thing that keeps you from awakening to your spiritual inheritance, and the powers and principalities of this world know this and therefore do they constantly instill fear in us through every facet of our lives. 

We get it from the media and news outlets which are wholly government controlled official releases which misinform and sensationalize pain, suffering, and havoc; we get it in our movies and entertainment--in the games our children play; we get it from our religious leaders to "stem the wrath of an offended God." We are trained to seek for the drama of the potential danger to come; we have become doom addicts because we won't allow the light to come in and "spoil the fun."  This is the message we are getting and we have swallowed it "hook, line, and sinker."

Let us awaken from this lie my beloveds and unplug yourself from the doomsday machine.  Turn off the TV and radio and sit in the silence and into the presence of the Creator.  Let the light fill your whole body with the truth that surpasses all human language and understanding.  Become aware of the love and presence of God in your life, for in this place there can be no fear.  This "knowing" that you are the child of the Creator obliterates fear and instills courage to change the world in which you live.

Good day,

The Circle of Seven


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