Sunday, July 11, 2010


Teacher:  The Preacher; Christ Michael.

Today's lesson is about dedication.  What do I mean by dedication?  Dedication with respect to serving God and humanity, leaving no stone unturned when seeking the truth needed to set one free from the darkness of ignorance and error.  Dedication to pursue with diligence, the spirit values and meanings of righteousness, equity, and justice in a world that remains filled with sin, selfishness, and contempt.  You are the salt of the earth my beloved friends, and you are called to be the ambassadors of peace and love--the light of the ages sent forth to be the eyes, the ears, the hands and feet of Him who calls you to perfection.   Let everyone humble him/herself and exalt the One on high, the Creator of all things and beings for whom we live and move and have our being.

Dedicate yourself this day to doing what is right in God's eyes.  In this Correcting Time, The Father calls us to step-up the intensity and the time set aside to seek for guidance.  Spirit is moving through you now with ever greater amplitude.  Resist it not, and align yourself with its frequency--allow the divine love to flow through you. 

This lesson is not a message to merely give you a warm fuzzy feeling.  No, it is a summons, an activation to a real intuitive on your part to do the Father’s Will, and at the same time, move ahead and progress to the next level in personality attainment.  This is your opportunity to traverse the seven psychic circles of human personality attainment, receive your personal seraphic Destiny Guardian, and move ever closer to fusion with your God fragment.

Many of you have been avoiding your call to duty, standing still, or spinning in place while the world around you turns and the days go by you.  For each day of inaction, another opportunity to love is forfeited and another chance to do His will is ignored.  You who are on the path to enlightenment must not stand still in this critical time of change and renewal.  Christ Michael needs each and every one of you to play your part, for you have been given the opportunity to become a team player in the program to settle the earth and bring it to the starting gates of Light and Life.  You are the best and brightest this day--the first to be sent in, and more is expected of you.  “For they who have, more shall be given.” 

Christ Michael:  My children, surround yourself with my peace and my love.  Fill yourself with the Holy spirit and my Spirit of Truth.  This is a special time for you to know, without doubt, that you are a child of the universe who has been called to service.  Love is the watchword of this age and I give you my blessing as you go out into the world and do good unto your brother and sisters.  You, my children, are my ambassadors of light, and I send you out as sheep among wolves, yet will I go with you and shall abide in you unto the end of your days--then shall you come to me.
My peace I leave with you,

Christ Michael.

“Thank you Christ Michael!” 
“Thank you Preacher and the Circle of Seven!”


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