Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Teacher "The Preacher:"

Today I will speak about serenity--that special place that is so rare and so pure only the most dedicated and sincere seekers of divine oneness can achieve but for only a moment; a place where the dividing line of the material and the spirit disappear and the soul foretastes the estate of divine perfection; a place where time vanishes and the handshake of the Gods becomes a reality.  Serenity--the holy hush of sunrise in the consciousness of the mind where words have no meaning and thoughts only obscure the beauty of sublime grandeur.  Calm your mind like a placid bay where the waves turn to glass. Observe the divine reflection of God face in man's imperfect countenance and know for an instance, the destiny of the soul.  In serenity, there is no need to believe, for there is only the knowing. 

The Master often said, "I am in the Father, and the Father is in me."  Surely those that achieve the stillness and experience serenity understand that statement.  The oneness of that moment, no matter how brief, becomes the lure of the ages--to become one with the Creator.  God provides a way for even the lowest of His will creatures to understand him, but they can only walk that hallow ground in humility and in light by casting off the self and embracing the frequency of naught.

The Creator calls to us, "Come to me my children and let me fill you with my perfect love, then shall you know you are my beloved."  Serenity--the most teachable moment is where you will find God, always waiting, always willing, always ready to show us the way to our true home. 

Serenity is the "sweet-spot" my friends, this is the target that we aim for in our meditations.  Many of you faithfully meditate daily, yet have never experienced this state of divine bliss.  Continue to seek it, for when it comes, you will know you have made the divine connection.  Some have experienced it in a flash instance, for it is difficult to hold onto, yet that brief arc of light, where the mind melds into infinity, becomes a milestone and an incentive to bring the child of the Creator back again into the divine presence.  Stillness has many benefits and serves many purposes, but serenity IS the I AM.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven


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