Sunday, April 3, 2011

Losing Fear

Teacher Ophelius:

The lesson for today is about losing fear.  What do I mean by this?  For many of you, much of your lives are actually motivated by fear; motivated to stay inside the warm and cozy comfort zones you have built up over the years; motivated to do nothing of real import as far as seeking and taking action on real soul growing opportunities.  Realize my dear friends, that your time on the earth is but a short season in the path of eternity and you should take every opportunity to grow and find the real joy of living in faith and in the awe of the Creator's providence.  When you do this, you can expect that life will unfold and exceed your greatest expectations.

I admonish you to be bold and walk through those doors that are open to you in these exciting times before you.  It is so very important for your soul development as a maturing personality to reach beyond the limits of your perceived abilities and tap into those latent talents that you all possess.  For there are no limits to what you may achieve when you have the greatest teacher and divine guide living within you, your Indwelling God Fragment, the Thought Adjuster. 

The only way to fail is by standing still and doing nothing, for it takes much effort to stand still without losing your balance, does it not?  Move with the River of Life and see where it takes you.  For your guardian angels have no real reference or understanding of human fear, for they live in complete peace and assurance in the Creator's will and they could do so much more or you if you would live in faith and assurance that no real harm can come to you.  Even if you should lose your physical life on this world, the opportunity to experience the grand adventure of eternity awaits you, where you will live in constant astonishment of the Creator and the creation as you move from life station to life station in your ascension to seek and become perfect as the Universal Father calls you.

Lose your fear and live life as an adventure now.  Declare unto yourself that today, "I will be fearless because there is nothing to fear but fear itself, and I will walk through all those doors that are opening up for me and take every opportunity to experience the adventures that life has to offer."  "I will be fearless because I know that life is eternal and no real harm can befall me."   "I am here to maximize and achieve the greatest amount of soul growth and perfection attainment by being a reflection of my Creator Father."  "I am changing from a path of indecision and stagnation to a path of unending adventure and joy because today I have shed my fear, and I will have peace and assurance knowing that I posses the greatest teacher and divine guide living within me, for which there can be no limit to my accomplishments."

God Speed,

The Circle of Seven



  1. Seems as though at every turn, I've been reading about letting go of fear...and it is just life a about it being right "up in my face". I must say, although I am so connected to an unseen realm, for lack of a better term, my earthly path has been fear based for several years...I am stuck in a funk, but am slowly crawling out of it...I have been promoted by 11:11 since around 2005. I didn't know what this meant, but with each prompt, I had a warm n fuzzy feeling and my daughter would come to mind and I would say a prayer for her...after numerous, uncanny endless prompts, and a facebook remark about it, I was referred to a website and was awestruct when I connected with the info....I have some beautiful angel stories that I've shared over the years....I also have been prompted with 111, 222, 444, 1234, for several months...I'm not even sure if that means anything. I love reading the emails that I get, and I really, so far, relate a lot with Opheleous...I am so excited to learn more...thank you for your beautiful blog, Chris...I haven't read all of them yet, but so far, am totally feeling a connection....I will eventually share some of my beautiful stories......

  2. Thank you for your enlightening knowledge. I AM glad to have found your wonderful site. Peace Be With You Chis. Love and Aloha