Sunday, June 5, 2011

Big Brothers, Big Sisters

Teacher Ophelius:

Today's message is about sharing special moments with someone to validate their newly found spiritual experiences and to encourage them to continue on this path despite the lonely and sometimes difficult situations of dealing with family and friends who are living on the surface of life.  There are many people who, especially now in the is Correcting Time, are awakening spiritually and who find themselves isolated and alone in their experiences, which can often be quite astounding and unusual for them to deal with in the logical mind, and yet they need to be heard by someone who is understanding and non-judgmental who has themselves been down the awakening path.  You are all brothers and sisters--kindred spirits, connected by a fragment of the Creator, and like links in a chain, all fragments connect to form a strong line of love and light that leads to the First Source and Center of creation.

I encourage all of you, my friends, to seek out these newly awakened souls and point them in the right direction; validate their experiences, and tell them of the great love of the Creator who calls them to perfection.  They will not be hard to find as your own Thought Adjusters will help you to identify these newly emerging souls.  The spiritual pressure on your world is so great at this time and will become exponentially greater as you pass through the transformational period which is nearly upon you.  Many, many people will be awakening from their dream of illusion to this new state of reality and it is up to you, the soldiers in the front line so to speak, to take these fragile ones by the hand and help them to understand what is happening to them until that time when they themselves can listen to spirit and be guided by divine leadings.

These initiates will be hungry for truth and will be reaching out to many sources to fill this need to seek and to find the origin of their calling, and it is equally important for you to stay one step ahead by going into the stillness daily to seek guidance and direction on how to be most effective in your role as teacher and caring friend.  You must be diligent in listening to your own leadings that you may be a responsible guide to these new and most impressionable seeking souls.  You should yourselves be educated on the ascension path and be able to pull from parallel experiences that you may relate to these initiates and build a somewhat clear view of what is truly important in life, which for them may be a totally new way of thinking and living.

This role of "big brother, big sister," is vital in achieving the Will of the Father in this Correcting Time we are now passing through.  There can be no greater blessing than to lead another out of darkness and to the shores of light.  Ask for guidance when you need help and We will respond and point the way my dear friends. 

Peace to you all and God speed,

The Circle of Seven


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  1. Hi Chris.
    Firstly, please accept my sincere apology concerning, my not having thanked you for the response and additional content a while back. Intent was to do so, i have many, medicinal (toxic chemicals) induced, mentally busy dysfunctions.
    Anyway, i thank you, both here, now.
    I have come back to be inquisitive, as i am finding a matter unsettling, my constant thought and non reaonating is a little more than discomfort regarding much of the connecting 1111, to the 'Thought Adjuster'.
    My confusion is with respectfully asking you, as a someone that is with an understanding of the T.A, you are clearly a person reasonating, i am in no way arguing nor demanding, yet am asking, whats? Whys? Etc, i am to only find questioning may be of benefit to my own contented self.
    Why are the T.A.s as such, involved via thoughts in human minds? Is this not an intrusion on the godly given individual inner self?. Without our own will and choices to make, what is the lesson to be learnt?
    My concern is not reasonating the allowance of mind invasion whatsoever. The giving of self is not so much as this. With all due respect to you and others, i see this as very unnerving but futhermore a cleverly non human duping of the masses? I am not to know if i am right? but, i am intent on discovering an answer asap. I hope to be wrong and wish you much peace and joy.