Sunday, November 20, 2011


Teacher Ophelius:

Today we will discuss the recent request made of you to speak about what we should be teaching our young men and women, and particularly about the "Occupy" movement in the U.S. and the civil unrest in other parts of the planet.  This stirring of the hearts and minds of these young people and protestors around the planet is the outward expression of the collective consciousness of humanity to move the planet into the new age of Light and Life.  Although, if you ask one of these young people what it is they are protesting, you will not get a unified answer and that is because they are not completely in touch with their super-conscious minds which are reacting to the massive spiritual pressure being asserted on the planet in this Correcting Time.

They are searching just like many of you students on the path who were and still are searching for that greater connection to the Creator and to know what life is all about.  These young people are feeling the gravitational pull of spirit leading them to an answer, but in this early awakening of sorts, they are confused about the meanings and values of what they are experiencing in the super-conscious mind.  This evolution of consciousness that many are predicting for the date of 2012, is already happening and will continue to evolve.  There will be no demarcation according to the calendar.  The momentum is building and the old guard will resist, but will not withstand the tsunami of love that will sweep away the powers of hate and separation.

What these young people need is a catalyst to unify their thought and to understand that the stirrings of the heart and mind come from the Source of all Creation.  It is the will of the Creator, and the desire of the Creator Son, that this world be reclaimed for the Father and that Urantia be brought into the era of Light and Life.  You need the great minds of this world to step up, and without personal agenda, to unify the thought of these courageous souls who are looking for the answers to their questions and waiting for their call to duty.  They will do it without arms, without violence, but with the spirit of the Most Highs astir in their hearts.

All men and women on this world want to experience life and have it more abundantly--they want equality of opportunity and the fairness of a quality life where all people on the planet can feel the oneness of humanity.  They are weary of war and see conflict as a tool of over control which seems to tighten the grip of their oppression.  These movements around the world will be more effective if they are coordinated globally and with a message of brotherhood--humanity as a single organism willing to change and reorganize and eventually move into a force for peace, tolerance, and reconciliation.  A spirit of oneness that crosses all boundaries, nations, religions, and cultures must be the targeted goal of this movement.

The battle cry for the children of the new world will be: "WE ARE THE WORLD." "WE ARE LOVE." "I AM YOU AND YOU ARE ME."  "WE ARE ONE."

God Speed to you,

The Circle of Seven



  1. Am I blind or are the "occupy" people really bad as sending out their message. I have heard countless people talk about why they are there supporting this movement and none of it that I have heard jives with the teachers message. I have seen the news reports of the vile behaviour that is ALLOWED to go on at these camps, but never the unifying message that is expressed by this teacher.

    I see many similarities between occupy's message and tea party's message. They are differ because of their focus. There is a REAL problem of Government/Business poison on both sides that needs to be addressed. However, we don't elect business, but we DO spend money with them everyday.

    Solution: Apply your values of brotherly loves to all across your politics and your Spending. Also take your selfish "who's going to give me something for Free" and "I deserve this or that" and get over it. We all need to work for justice and fairness, and you must work for what you get. There are no entitlements in Heaven as it should be on Earth. Christ had to earn his title by his life on earth.

    I am ernestly looking for dialogue on this.

    Thanks, Craig.

  2. Ok...I AM BLIND...I just re-read the teachers message and it clearly states that they are lacking unity of message.