Monday, November 24, 2008


Good morning dear one. Today’s lesson is on friendship. What is friendship and how do we know who is really a friend? From our childhood we know friends to be someone who plays with us and spends time with us doing varying things. We also learned that some friends were more desirable than others. As children, we discovered that certain playmates became “users” and were not really interested in spending time with us, but to gain access to your toys--material things. We also discovered that these kinds of friendships did not last very long because the needs of both parties were not met, and only one was gratifying his desires.

The more lasting friendships were the ones where the spirit of camaraderie was present in both parties--spending time together and learning life lessons in the company of each other. Games were played, mysteries solved and the feeling of loneliness had vanished for that brief time spent in each other company. Even these friendships were to eventually end as the child grows and differing interests carried them in different directions. And so it is with adults today, each man will go to his own place and will attract to him that which he desires and those who resonate in sympathy . This is also true in the next life where you will be with others that vibrate at your own level of progression.

You would say that you have life long friendships with certain people who are very different from yourself and your interests, and this seems to go against what has thus far been said. This is because those individuals have a “heart link” to you and are bound to you through love. These are friendships that will be eternal and you will ever have this affection for the other, even though your paths of progression will be different. Some will be higher or may be lower in their spiritual development. Once the flesh has been cast off however, the one that has achieved a higher progression will desire to help those dear loved ones come up to where they are, and so it is with the work you will be doing once you come to the mansion worlds. Each one of you will at some point desire to pull those beneath you up to a higher level of understanding, while at the same time, you will take instruction from those above you--this is the true brotherhood of man--brother helping brother--sister helping sister. The love and satisfaction you will experience is infectious and will ever drive you forward to higher planes. This is God’s way to bring all men unto himself no matter what level or depths of depravity they have sunk to.

As your spiritual development unfolds yet here on the earth plane, and you begin to love unconditionally, even those “users” will begin to awaken by the sheer force of the love of your being. This love force is communicated to the subconscious of the sleeper and will plant a seed for a future awakening. Be conscious of this fact and be kind and loving to all your brothers and sisters, for they will benefit from the light that shines forth from you.

That is all we have for you today dear one. There are many in the unseen around who are doing their part and desire to lift you up--and in doing so, it is our hope that you will extend your hand to your brothers and sisters.

Good day,

Your unseen teachers.


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