Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Noble Paths

Good morning, you asked the question, “what can I do in this life to better prepare for life in the higher worlds?” The straightest way is to use the example of the master Jesus. For he has prepared the way for all humanity by leading us into communion with the Universal Father and to serve the brotherhood of man. Knowledge of the Thought Adjuster is essential to achieve an accelerated progression into the higher worlds. Unfortunately, many on your world will spend unneeded time and training in the lower spheres because the truth of spiritual knowledge has been suppressed by religionists throughout the ages and used for purposes of control rather than for the attainment of personal liberty from the fetters of materialism. Man has forgotten that God reveals revelation to individuals, not to organizations and priesthoods. The way is available to all that seek with a sincere heart and a longing for truth and justice.

The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering, are the noblest paths to higher consciousness. A living example of this is your own Mother Teresa, who’s life was dedicated to the noble paths and who is now residing in the fifth sphere of the Mansion Worlds--an attainment very few on your world have been able to achieve in the short time given to life in the material worlds of time and space.

You would say that it is not practical to become and live the life of a missionary, and for many this is true, for the Father has a plan for all his children and will bring all men unto himself. All that is needed from you is to seek the noble paths in your own sphere of influence by affecting the lives of your brothers and sisters around you.

Continue to seek truth and higher knowledge and it will be revealed to you. Practice and maintain awareness of your Thought Adjuster--build trust and strengthen your communication with the Adjuster and your teachers. Time spent in stillness is key to greater communication with your God fragment. The use of your free will to allow the Adjuster greater influence over your decisions and life path will make a straighter way to fusion later in your souljourn on the mansion worlds. This is an essential part of your progression as a finaliter where you will become a new creature--where God reaches down and man reaches up, and the two shall be as one. This is your ultimate goal and all your remaining life’s work should be tuned and pointed in this direction. The noble paths will be the road to the higher spheres and to fusion with the Adjuster. Reflect on this and make your plans in accord to what is attainable now an build on that.

It has been a pleasure to speak with you this morning dear one.


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