Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Lesson on Charity

Good Morning dear one. Your teachers are with you again this morning and wish to communicate with you. Today we have prepared a lesson on charity. What is charity and how do we discern who is in need of it and who is not? We often think of charity as the giving of food or money to the poor or to an organization that serves a class of less privileged individuals. Sometimes we give to a group of researchers who are searching for a cure to some human disease. These are humble and noble beneficiaries. What about a beggar on the street? Should we always reach for our pocket when the hand is out stretched? As each of our lives unfold, our Thought Adjusters, guides, and guardians, lead us along a path that will eventually bring us to spiritual awakening if we do not resist, but humans and their gift of free will often take the difficult path and resist the influence of spirit. So then the spiritual forces will put up road blocks and detours to teach the hard lessons necessary to stir the soul into a path of spiritual realization, and often times this leads to the condition of poverty and misfortune. Always filling the outstretched hand only prolongs the detour and delays the soul from progressing, so how do we know who should receive charity? We should always listen to the still small voice within to discern who is in need.

What about those who are the victims of genetic deformities, shouldn’t they be helped no matter the circumstances of their personal lives and soul advancement? God and his perfect plan for his children will receive their just compensation for the sufferings of the Lucifer rebellion, but they will have to wait until they come to the mansion worlds to reap this compensation. In the Earth life, God will provide what is needed for these unfortunate souls and will direct charitable giving to those who need it to get by these difficult days. These individuals often times are vehicles for soul changing moments in the lives of the people around them, and so they become God’s instrument of change.

Scientists and doctors on the mansion worlds are always working with their earthly counterparts to inspire them to new discoveries and advancements in medicine and technology. You will note that many of the breakthroughs in medical science or technology were brought to the recipient through the dream state or in moments of deep thought and concentration. This is our way to foster positive evolution and bring man and earth one step closer to the age of Light and Life. You can not imagine the wonders of technology that are in store for you when man decides to put aside his destructive nature and learns to love all of his brothers. When this happens, the storehouse of heaven will open up to him. We have digressed here in our lesson, but I wanted to touch on how the cures and compensations for the deformities of the rebellion are meted out and how charity plays a part in the process by providing the means for those men of science to be inspired by spirit.

That is all for today, your distractions have severed the connection.

Good day.


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