Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Good morning dear one. Today is your first morning within the Circle and we are overjoyed to have you fully on board with us. Today’s lesson is on perseverance. What is perseverance? Perseverance spiritually speaking, is the ability and drive to progress forward in doing the Father’s will. This means developing good habits of daily tasks which promote the development of spirit and the use of spiritual forces. Later on, after your initial training, spiritual perseverance will become the vehicle which will enable you to follow through with the mission laid out for you by the Circle. Obedience to these missions is vital to your continual upward progression into the spheres of light.

You must always be mindful of the God fragments in each of your brothers and sisters, and look beyond their faults and destructive natures, knowing that each one of them will one day awaken and cultivate the seeds that you have sown with your kind and patient love. But beware however, that you must never allow the ungodly to bend your will or to trap you into compromising your spiritual position. We will help you to determine who is ripe to hear the truth and who must wait for another time. You must persevere to ask and receive the guidance necessary to complete the mission successfully. Your Thought Adjuster will coordinate the interface between you and the ministering spirits, and you must continue to practice the stillness and strengthen the communication between you and your God fragment.

Today you will map out a plan for the necessary daily habits needed to cultivate spiritual perseverance in your life. We are always with you and ever ready to help at your request. Call on us often, for we are eager and joyful when you ask for help.

Good day dear one.

The Circle of Seven


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