Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Lesson on Trustworthiness

Good morning dear one, we are here with you and we have prepared a lesson on trustworthiness. What is it to be trustworthy? Being trustworthy has much to do with being obedient, and this means following through with plans and tasks that have been assigned you. You are to use all the spiritual tools and experience available to you in the completion of the task at hand. Being trustworthy also means showing confidence and giving assurance to the one that depends on you to accomplish the assignment. Trustworthiness and loyalty go hand in hand. When you speak, you speak with confidence and with authority--one who has experience enough to secure the means to accomplishment even in uncharted territory. You are a rock and a light to others who cannot find their way and they look to you for guidance--they trust in you and feel safe and secure because of your trustworthiness.

Being trustworthy means you are dependable, even when it is not convenient, you take the time to go, do, and say on the other’s behalf. It is this “doing” that you become the instrument of the Father’s will, and it is through this “doing” that you will become more like him day by day. All throughout your souljourn on the mansion worlds and beyond into eternity, you will be entrusted to complete many missions for the cause of light and life. Your rebellious backward planet has produced a side effect for creating unique personalities that can persevere in incredibly difficult circumstances, and you humans will be much sought after for special assignment throughout the far flung universes and on the frontier of creation in the unsettled regions of space. Train now dear one, for we have high hopes for you in the spheres beyond. We are counting on you to prepare as many as you can for this special work. Use your time wisely and efficiently on the earth plane, hone your communication skills and discipline your mind through stillness. Listen for the still small voice of your Adjuster, for he is the one that will lead you to the prize, to the Isle of Paradise, to the throne of grace, to the First Source and Center.

I “trust” you will do so dear one. That is all for today’s lesson. We love you and are always with you.

Good day,

The Circle of Seven.


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