Sunday, December 14, 2008

Spiritual Sensitivity

Good morning dear one, it is good to be with you this morning and we are eager to impart a lesson to you. Today’s lesson is on Spiritual Sensitivity. What is spiritual sensitivity? It is the ability to perceive guidance by the Thought Adjuster or from your guides and teachers, or to sense the Spirit of Truth from your divine parents Christ Michael and Mother spirit, Nebadonia. It is these personalities that you must in time learn to discern their individual signatures. Open yourself up to their leadings and they will reveal themselves to your mind and you will ever build confidence and surety that the one who speaks is who they say because you will sense the divine signature. Presently you are speaking to the Circle, and in particular, to your assigned teacher Ophelius. We in the circle work together to impart the mindal impressions upon your mind, but it is my personality that comes through on the page so to speak.

You must flex this spiritual muscle just as you exercise the physical body. The more time you spend in stillness and in your undisturbed journaling, the greater will this spiritual sensitivity become. You have progressed far in a short time, but do not let this ability lapse into dormancy. Material distractions can often lead to digression of spiritual powers, although you have the promptings of the Midwayers to remind you of this connection, you must guard yourself against the distractions of mundane material life.

Be not troubled by the dismal bombardment of the media and the economic turmoil that surrounds this planet at this time. Know and have confidence that you are protected and you and many others have been chosen to lead your brothers and sisters through the transition ahead. We will let you know when it is time to fortify your emergency sustenance for the challenges ahead. Trust the leadings and stay focused.

That is all for today dear one. We love you and are always with you.

Good day,

The Circle of Seven


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