Monday, December 22, 2008

A Lesson on Telegraphing

Good evening dear one, for we are here with you this evening and ready to impart another lesson. Tonight’s lesson is on telegraphing. What is telegraphing and how do you use it? Telegraphing or telepathy, is the use of thought forms created by the mind and sent to other minds over any distance. For you yourself used it this evening to call us together for this lesson. This method of communication is used extensively here on the mansion worlds to call or send messages from one realm to another. This method can also be used by a select few on your world (millions) who have this ability by genetics, but many do not know that they possess such a gift. Those of you who receive regular promptings by the Midwayers have this ability and can learn to develop it for more useful purposes. In the coming era of Light and Life, more and more children will be born with this ability and it will eventually become common place to call each other and send messages using mind telepathy.

This is similar to the abilities of a T/R except that you will learn to use it to contact other persons on the earth plane who may or may not be aware of the transmission, but who will receive and act in accordance with the thought directive. This is not mind control, but suggestive influence, and should be used only in service to the Brotherhood and to express the Will of the one true God. There are many such gifts available to you humans and may be divinely granted, but only by highly developed spiritual persons with high moral and service oriented intent.

Can you provide an example of how one may rightly use it?

Certainly, for example, say a co-worker is very distressed about something in their personal life and is having a tough time coping with a situation that is unrevealed to you, but you sense this disturbance in their aura and by their body language. You can use your mind to gather together loving and peaceful thoughts or affections and purposefully telegraph this to the mind of that person and thus create an atmosphere of peace in the mind of that individual. This will not make the problem go away directly, but indirectly this person may stop and look at the problem or situation in a different light and sort out the steps needed to bring about change or closure.

Telegraphing can also be used to contact others who you sense need information from you or from someone you need information from. It works bi-directionally. It is true with us as well that when you have need of a spiritual answer to some question or truth, we here on this side pick up the vibrations of your inquiry and send answers back to you knowingly or unknowingly in thought forms and impressions. Just as you ask questions of us during your journaling and receive answers, you can also do anytime in mental form and receive an answer in some form or another by us. You need to train your mind to use these methods automatically and trust that the answers you receive are genuine and not emanations from your own mind.

The ability to telegraph is a gift that will become very valuable to you later during your service in the Correcting Time and this is all I will reveal of it at this time. Practice this daily and use it for good always and you will begin to see the usefulness of it.

That is all for tonight dear one. We love you and are always near--just a thought away.

Good evening.

The Circle of Seven.


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