Friday, December 19, 2008

A Lesson on Will

Greetings dear one, it is I Ophelius and the Circle is with me as well. Today’s lesson is on Will. What is will and how do we use it? We know that will is “want” or “desire” for some “thing” or some action, and we all understand this on a basic level. What we would like to impart to you is how to focus this will to accomplish the Will of the Father. We have been with you today and have directed you to certain reading and some television shows that demonstrate how when the human mind is not focused and the will is uncertain, that there manifests negative feelings and a sense of defeat in purpose. This is the opposite of focused will. When we say, “that child is strong willed,” what we are acknowledging is that the child is relentless and stubborn about getting what he wants and the child is focused on this one thing that he desires. When we sharpen our focus in our daily lives, we see farther than we did before we were focused, and the problems we thought were insurmountable, become a more orderly lists of attainable goals because we see them linearly as a series of steps that lead to our desire. The focus of will leads to greater foresight, and greater foresight leads to greater planning and accomplishment of the Father’s will in our life.

We would like you to think on these things and how you can focus your will to prepare yourself for the events ahead--for there will be many difficulties and problems to solve that will require quick thinking and a focus of will to achieve the desired goal of the Father’s will. Include in this focus the help of all your unseen friends, for we are ever ready to assist you in every endeavor if only you will but ask. The times ahead will require much concentration and stillness to receive the instruction needed to successfully navigate the torrents of the coming age.

Practice your focus of will on the small things in your life right now, and you will feel the success of accomplishment that will give you greater confidence in the pursuit of greater needs in the future as they are needed to express the Will of the Father. As you serve your brothers and sisters in aid to their pursuit to discover the Will of the one true God, the Father of all, you not only help them progress, but you also help yourself progress in the ultimate goal of spirit attainment.

That is all dear one, we love you and are always near.

Good evening,

The Circle of Seven


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