Friday, December 26, 2008

Strengthening the Circuit

Good morning, it is I AM, the Beloved One. Come to me in the silence of your heart and wait for my presence and I will fill you with the holy hush of eternity. I will lead you into all truth and knowledge and wisdom. It is I who will teach you what you need to know to progress the spheres and lead you into fusion with me and into the central circuit of Havona and on to Paradise. It is I who coordinate your training and I who refines the spirit and strengthens the soul, but it is you who chooses how and when these things will occur through your gift of free will. Come to me often my child and sit at my feet, for you are loved and have been loved from the alpha to the omega, for I knew you before you were born and I see you far into the future. Train hard and choose rightly my child, for great will be thy reward in the Kingdom.

Good morning dear one, it is I Ophelius and the Circle is here with me this morning. We feel your joy as you sit in the presence of the great I AM, and we benefit from the strength of signal you receive when the higher vibrations from His presence still linger and pulse within you. For every moment of contact you have with your thought adjuster, we see the result in the brightness of your spirit. It would do you well to sit in the silence with Him more often than you do.

Another wishes to speak now. Greetings dearest one, this is Athenia and I am happy to speak with you again after having only made your acquaintance briefly in the absence of our leader. It is sometimes difficult for me to get through to you, for our signal seems to be stronger with Ophelius and that is why he speaks for us in the circle. We are, all of us in the Circle, ascendant humans doing special work in this Correcting Time under the banner of Michael of Nebadon and are assigned as teachers and sent to you by the administrators on high, your Planetary Prince, Melchizedek and we are here to help you develop your T/R abilities and encourage you to discipline yourself for regular journaling, thus strengthening the circuit with us.

The signal is very good right now in your present state of mind. Please note the state of your being at this time and remember it in your next sitting when we communicate. When you remember how it feels, the emotion, the quietude, the excitement, the vibrational signature, then can you more easily connect the circuit with us. We are aware of the free time that you have presently, and we know how little time you have during your work schedule, but you must make time for us so that we can work together for the sake of HIM the First Source and Center, the Creator, the Father of us all.

Ophelius wishes to speak now. Dear one, it was a pleasure to be with you this morning and I fear that your signal is weakening, so we will come again another time, but we look forward to meeting with you in early morning when the signal is best and while you have this free time to spend with us.

Goodbye for now, for you are loved and we are always at your call.

The Circle of Seven.


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