Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Lesson on Truth

Good morning dear one, it is I, Ophelius and crew, and we are gathered here once again to impart some words of instruction and truth. Today’s lesson is on Truth. What is truth, and how do we know truth is pure, and how do we assure ourselves of that what we think is truth is correct in its application?

Firstly, truth is never revealed in its entirety and we are only shown a very small part of it. Truth is never completely pure, for we only understand its completeness according to our ability to process its attributes and outcomes in our lives. To accept truth, we must also be willing to have faith in what we receive is truth, and to justly overwrite any error of falsehood previously accepted. What we are speaking of here in abstract is spiritual truth in application. You have felt the conflict within your mind having heard truth that conflicted with your own values of religious creeds and dogmas, but knowing deep down that it was of a finer reality than what you had been taught by the institutions of men. The Master Jesus, when he walked among you, was very careful not to take anything out of the heart, but to speak truth into it and by where time would work the error out as the mind processes and realizes the finer reality of that given truth.

Secondly, truth as we would like to impart to you, is limited by human language, which is to us a crude system of ideas and meanings that does not always translate correctly in the human mind as we would have it. We are also limited by the capacity of understanding and vocabulary of the T/R, and this is what is meant by the phrase “truth is seldom pure.” When you come to the mansion worlds you will not have such difficulty of understanding. The Morontia mind and the addition of several more senses unknown to you, will enable you to comprehend so much more than what you can imagine now. It is this ability of sense and comprehension that will enable you to speedily process truth and to let the errors of human life fall away, and when this happens, progression into the higher spheres of light is attained.

The one thing that delays progression here in the spheres is the denial of the reality of truth and the stubborn retention of erroneous belief systems learned while in the earth life. It is also a fact that many of the newcomers in the first and second spheres often accept the hearsay of those like them selves who have only been there a relatively short time and do often believe in erroneous or misunderstood information which may be mixed with their own error filled dogmas of their former earth lives. It is as we have said previously, that you start here in the mansion worlds where you have left off on the earth plane. There is no magic that happens that you suddenly know all truth and all things in the mind of the creator. No, you must be lead and nurtured slowly into the light and this is the purpose for the existence of the mansion world system. For as you grow in spiritual knowledge and wisdom, you will also receive greater spirit power as you ascend the myriad spheres of light in your progression to answer the call of the Father, to be perfect as he is perfect. No human having just come from the earth plane could be given the knowledge wisdom and power as of a finaliter, for he could not withstand the intensity of light and would be a danger to himself and to others.

Finally, it is the knowing of truth that you will trust through the “instinct” shall we say, of the divine leading of the Thought Adjuster. It is this divine fragment of the creator that will ultimately lead you into all truth and as you mature in communication with the I AM, your confidence will also increase to a point that you will recognize truth and pass it onto the soul for eternal recall.

That is all for today dear one, for your connection is weakening and your distractions are multiplying.

Good day,

The Circle of Seven


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