Thursday, January 22, 2009

Spiritual Disipline

Good morning dear one, It is I, Ophelius, and I have come to speak to you again this good day. Today I have not a lesson prepared, but wish to speak to you about living in the moment and developing your spiritual tools so to speak. You need to become more disciplined in your time spent in prayer, worship, and stillness. You must make more time available for your journaling and spiritual education. I can not dictate the course of this discipline, for this is your own path to follow, but I will always be here to encourage you and cheer you on in your progress for greater spiritual attainment.

You must start to put into action those things that you have learned starting with the small things and then working toward greater goals. You will be presented with certain opportunities and you will hear the knock upon the door, but you must be responsive enough to open that door and go there in of your own accord.

I realize that I am speaking in non-specifics, but that is what it should be for now dear one. You will know when these things come to pass, and you will feel the touch of spirit as a signpost pointing you in the right direction. Fear not, for we are always near and ready to assist.

This is all for today dear one--stay alert and develop the habits of spiritual discipline.

The Circle of Seven.


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  1. Hi Chris,

    Welcome aboard our good ship 1111 progress group. Wonderful messages, which resonate deeply at soul-level. All 'hands are needed on deck', the spread these wonderful messages world-wide. That yes, there is a plan in the mind of God for all us mortals, to climb the ascension ladder to perfection on Paradise.

    I am known as the Beaver on the 1111 Angels message board. And have been reading the Urantia Book since 1973, and am re-reading it again.

    So, welcome again from
    the Beaver