Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Challenges Ahead

Good morning dear one, for we are here. It is I, Ophelius and the Circle, and we have heard your call, even on such short notice and are ready to begin. Today I would like to speak to you about the challenges ahead for the races of Urantia. Yesterday, the people of America witnessed the swearing in of their new president and you saw optimism, hope, and good will of the thousands and thousands of onlookers as this great event unfolded. So too, did you feel this love energy as you listened and watched the reports of this event pour in throughout the evening.

Even in the midst of an economy in peril and the fear of an unknown future, goodwill and hope prevails. The feeling that this man, your new president, is somehow a savior of the people, and that he can prevail to bring the people through this dark time into a new age of prosperity and unity, is a noble sentiment that may be achieved if the wave of this enthusiasm can be sustained while realizing that you must all step outside the paradigm of old thinking and embrace the higher ideals of universal brotherhood.

In parallel with this, you must look to the Creator of all and apply equally these feelings of trust, hope, and faith, that he is ultimately the true leader of his children, and that in the end, he will bring all men unto himself and will wipe away all tears as he embraces his children and welcomes them into the kingdom of his eternal abode.

The consciousness of humanity is longing for change now, and the leader of the free world (the US) will set the bar for the next phase in human evolution. The previous administration, as unpopular as it was, laid a foundation for the contrast of opposites to work in the minds of the people that are now contemplating the possibility that indeed a new consciousness of brotherhood may in fact be possible and attainable.

There still remains the darkness of fundamentalist thinking and the dogmas of hate, and they will, for a while be an impedance to the progression of human evolution. But soon, even the peoples of these backward societies will tire of the war, the sorrow, and the constant struggle to maintain the ideology of hate and separatist thinking.

Remember that free will trumps all spirit prerogatives, and it will be up to the leaders and the people to change their own thinking about what is true and what is right. There will however, be a continued thrust of spiritual help and influence available to every soul that asks for our help, and we shall always illuminate the right path for those that align themselves with the forces of good.

You must do your part--every individual, even in the smallest of ways, to help each other, and to shine the light of love into every corner of the world where hopelessness, sorrow, hunger, sickness, corruption, and unrighteousness tarry to plague the children of men.

For those nations that much has been given, so too much will be expected, and the United States must lead the world by example if it is to survive the coming age. We will be watching and doing what we can from our side and you, the workers of light, must align yourself with the will of the Father and listen to the still small voice within to guide you into all truth.

Good day.

The Circle of Seven


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