Monday, September 8, 2008

Love and Respect

Greetings again dear one. It is again a pleasure to be with you this morning, and we congratulate you on you continuance to join with us in your journaling today.

Todays message is about love and respect. How important is this that you show love and respect to others, for it is the way your Father would have it. What you do to your brothers you also do unto yourself, for this is universal law. Even those of lessor intelligence than yourself deserve love and respect, for you become the example to them and for their benefit to progress in this life. Those who are less fortunate are often surrounded by indignant and less evolved individuals, and when they feel love and respect from those they aspire to be, they will forever hold that moment in their memory and cherish the kindness they have received without having earned it and will likely imitate this behavior to one of their fellows in the future. So you see that by doing something as simple as kind smile or a reassuring word can have a greater impact than you would believe. As you know, what soever a man sows, will he also reap—another universal law. The simple truth that the master said over two thousand years ago still holds true today, and you know it as the golden rule.

Be aware in as many moments as you can throughout your day today and every day, that being of service is the way of spiritual progression. Love and kindness goes hand in hand with service to ones fellows. Ask yourself what you can do to be of service to someone today.

That is all for now my child, for the hour is late. Go into the world and imitate the master Jesus.

We love you and are always with you—even until the end.

Your unseen friends.


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  1. This narrative coincides with a decision I made to forgive simply accept all for the way they are. The resultant action has made my life a whole lot simpler and meaningful. Thanks for sharing.