Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Good evening, we--your teachers, are here with you tonight to present a lesson on happiness. What does it mean to be happy? Is it an unfathomable dream in some distant future that one day this is what will be if all circumstances and events line up to meet your expectations? No, happiness is a state of mind that is meant to be lived in the now, not in the future. It is a free will decision whether or not you choose to think and feel this way and is not dependent on some material thing, event, or entertainment. This is the natural way of the universe, to feel joy and fulfillment.

So many of you spend so much energy feeling stressed and anxietous, running here and there, busy always and never stopping to smell the roses. Then one day, you wake up old and find that your whole life has passed you by. You yourself have also put happiness into the future, whereby making the transition to spirit you will finally be at rest and ready to pursue your dreams and desires. This will be so, but it is not necessary to wait until that day, for today is the day to make things happen. Start living the way you imagine it will be when you are free from the drudgery and mundane daily living in the material world. If you continue to live in a pattern that does not satisfy, nothing will change and that “someday” will never come.

You control your own destiny and what you think will manifest, even that which you don’t want, you give attention to and set these things into motion. This is God’s universe and he wants to give you your desires. Don’t let those who think they have control over you steal the joy that you can manifest for yourself. You are so much more powerful than you know. The darkness of this world is soon coming to a close and a mass awakening will sweep the planet and no more will you accept the bondage of the elitists. This you must keep in the back of your mind as you go about your days living life to the fullest. Take joy in the little things--smile at your brothers and sisters, say a kind word, and be aware of the beauty that surround you. These are the things that will accumulate in the soul and benefit you for all eternity. The struggle, the strife, the negative emotions--these things will pass away in the transition to spirit, but they are now taking the place of the happiness, the joy, and the beauty that you could be storing up in the soul.

What is it that you want--more money, more time off work, travel, friendship, entertainment, love, romance? Whatever it is, it is all for the asking and the receiving--this is the way the universe is made--to respond to your desires. Most people on your world believe they are unworthy to receive these things and so they manifest just that and will not receive. You my child have peeked through the veil and you know what is possible--it is only the conditioning of the past that prevents you from manifesting your desires. You must change the way you think--not tomorrow, but NOW. Now is ever present and the future cannot make things change.

Go into the stillness now and wait for the holy hush to envelop you. Expect nothing and sit at my feet and I will guide you into all truth and pilot you through the storms of this life. Make your desires known to me and believe that I will deliver to you whatever you want according to my will for you. Know that the greatest good for your soul development is always of the highest priority, even when you cannot understand, but know and trust in me and you will build up confidence that I AM the creative force that manifest everything in your awareness. BELIEVE, BELIEVE, BELIEVE.

Your unseen friends


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  1. Hi Chris

    My name is Bing and I am an 1111 Lightworker. I have a “Google Alert” that searches the web for individuals who are interested in 11:11. If you are curious about the 11:11 time prompts and are looking for more information please follow these links and they will help you immensely.

    After a while you will notice that the prompts will change to include the number of the hour plus: 11, :22, :33 and so on. You will start to see the prompts on sales slips, licence plates of cars that “just happen” to pull in front of you and also on addresses.

    Another topic that you may find interesting is Crystal and Indigo children. These are children that are being born with a raised level of consciousness. Some of them have two extra genes that allow them to see auras and be more psychically in tune. Here are some sites that will provide information on this topic.

    A book that I would recommend is “Angel Numbers” by Doreen Virtue.

    These links leads to some short inspirational videos that I hope you will enjoy and pass on to others. I have no connection to the authors; I just like the messages.

    Here is a link to a site that will help you to focus on the “Law of Attraction”. I have read these books and they come highly recommended not only by me but by many professional book reviewers and people who have followed their advice. These books will really bring what you want into your life.

    These two links are to great meditation music sites. The first one is a link to the music of Chuck Wild who goes under the artistic name of “Liquid Mind”. The second is to a on line radio station that is free and features 10,000 genres. This particular genre is “New Age relaxation music.

    The following link is to a definition of the word Namaste which I feel should become more common place in our vocabularies. Whenever I feel myself becoming judgmental of others I say this word to myself and it puts me back in the right frame of mind. There is no “us and them” only “US”.

    I can be reached at or at

    I hope that this information will help you on your journey to becoming a better person and to help raise the level of Life, Light and Love in our world.

    Throw some love into the wind