Sunday, March 8, 2009

Human Sexuality

Good morning dear one, It is Athenia and Circle. Ophelius is near by, and today we would like to speak to you about human sexuality. We know that this topic is very controversial with you humans because it has its roots in the ancient taboos of your early primitive societies. On other “normal” worlds--those that have not developed in rebellion and who have enjoyed their evolution with full connectivity to the universe circuits don’t have the stigmas and perversions that Urantia has developed. Thus they enjoy a freedom of love and sensuality unknown to you.

Many of you wonder if there is the equivalent of sex on the mansion worlds, knowing that with the shedding of the flesh, the genitals are no more a part of the morontia body. I am however, not at liberty to discuss all aspects of your next life on Mansonia, but I will say this: The morontia body is a beautifully advanced vehicle with greatly enhanced brain capacity and function having extra sensory capability that I could not begin to make you understand with your human minds. The wonderful physical sensations of human orgasm and the emotional sensuality of lovemaking are but a faded memory here and will not be missed. It will be replaced with so many more joyous feelings and emotions of love and satisfaction that you cannot even imagine. However, we do have what you would call “personal encounters” with other morontia beings that have a physical-like stimulation as well as emotional and other sensory feelings, but I can assure you that they are quite different from what you now experience, but are so much more satisfying. That is all I will say for now dear one.

The problem with the taboos of human sexuality is one of ignorance here on Urantia. Because it is such a controversial subject, it is not freely and openly discussed, and therein lays the problem. Children are not given the proper education about human sexuality because of the deep-rooted ancestral taboos that have become imprinted in your DNA. The result of this ignorance has an exponential negative consequence on human evolution. Too many souls are brought into this world by ignorant, immature, and misguided adults that have no parental or material means to properly love and raise a child to maturity. When this happens, the children often repeat the ignorant mistakes of the parents and perpetuate further degradation to the gene pool of humanity. Your jails are filled with men and women that have had most unfortunate childhoods due to the consequences of ignorant and immature adults that were unprepared to bring children into this world.

If man is to progress and reach the stages of planetary Light and Life, he must revise his thinking about sexuality. Education, maturity, and openness are key to correcting this unnecessary misconception and perversion of this most beautiful endowment given by the Creator to the children of time and space.

Firstly, women must be brought into full equality with men and be given proper respect as human partners. Second, men must become more involved in the raising of children. Third, both men and women must approach and experience sexuality as an act of spirituality, bringing into it: trust, love, respect, and beauty. When the people of Urantia remove the ideas of taboo from the act of sex, then will the perversion of it cease. I am not promoting open promiscuity here, but open mature attitudes about what procreation is and what it is not. Sex is part of the dual nature of mankind and both natures (animal and spiritual) must be involved in its symphony. When spirituality takes its proper place in the act of sexuality, will it then put humanity back on a forward path of evolution towards higher societies and higher standards of living--not material standards necessarily, but joy of life, and life more abundant. Many of the societal plagues like crime and poverty will disappear as the result of this revision of attitude.

Even those that have embraced their spiritual natures and are moving forward in their progression, still retain this idea that there must be a separation or a disconnect from God in contemplation of, and when engaging in, sexual activity--it is not unlike drawing the curtains in the bedroom. You humans shift your spiritual natures like throwing a switch from on to off, but you should think about it as if you have two switches and leave them both on. Despite what you think, God is there with you--the Thought Adjuster does not leave or go into hibernation when you are sexually active. The Adjuster is there and you need to include God in on this most beautiful of human experiences. Just as you would share the experience of a beautiful sunset with God, you should also share the beautiful experience of love making between two mature and loving individuals with your Creator. This is a concept that is very alien to you Urantians, but is commonplace among more advanced worlds and peoples.

This is a subject that would fill many volumes, and I bring it to your attention today that I might plant a seed in the minds of the readers of these transcripts--those on a progressive path, that they would consider these ideas and adopt new attitudes about it. Let this lesson be a dialog for further discussion and exploration. You all have the truth and know the better way, and it is accessible through the ministry of the Thought Adjuster. Go deep in silence, in stillness, and he will guide you into all truth.


The Circle of Seven


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