Friday, March 6, 2009

A Lesson on Sonship

Good morning dear one, it is I, Ophelius, and the Circle is here with me on this beautiful spring-like morning. Today I will speak about sonship. What is sonship and how do we know that we have sonship with the Father--the creator of all? We know that all humans are the children of God, but what change, and what attributes define one who has sonship with the Father? Sonship is attained through the transformation of the soul from a state of blindness and darkness into a state of faith and light--a knowingness of ones eternal destiny--an acceptance of the inheritance of God’s eternal kingdom, and the realization of one’s place as a citizen of the grand universe. For one who has sonship with the Father, he or she heeds the call to perfection and is ever conscious of their forward progression and has a childlike faith and hunger for truth.

Those with sonship are not perfect, for they are all learning and struggling--discovering their true self and accepting their limitations while striving for self-mastery. They display the fruits of the spirit in their daily life-- love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control--they are becoming like Him and will ever reach to attain oneness with him. Those with sonship will increasingly live in providence, knowing that the Father knows what they need and will provide for their daily sustenance, and through the ministry of the Thought Adjuster, lead them onward to overcome their animal natures and to know the better way.

Sonship with God also means that he or she is a partner with Him in His grand purpose. They will, more and more, do the will of the Father as the attunement of the mind responds to the leadings of the Thought Adjuster, and they willingly align their will with His. They feel the connectedness of all things and live a more harmonious life flowing with, and not against, the current of the river of life. Service to others becomes natural and second-nature--never a forced duty out of fear or expectant reward. They hunger for goodness and pray for the revelation and manifestation of higher spirit values in their lives. They recognize the divisions and barriers to true brotherhood and work to understand and resolve disharmony among his or her brethren.

Those having sonship are part of an organism--they are in sympathy with the whole of the universe and they feel the pain of those outside the fold stumbling in darkness and yearn to bring them into the light. Each uses his or her gifts and talents for goodness and lives to be an example to those who are lost. They illuminate the path to a better way and forgo their own convenience to help those in need. Those having sonship will have an inner light that shines in the darkness and this light will be as a magnet to those that hunger and thirst for truth and righteousness, for which they will freely give.

To all those who later read this transcript and feel oneness in its message are on the path to true sonship with the Father. They recognize these attributes as reflective of their being or their future aspirations and are willing to trust God that he will ever draw them closer, because He loves them--they are his children.

The angels rejoice and cheer you onward and upward in your sacred journey to perfection my beloved.

Good day,

The Circle of Seven


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