Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Lesson on Knowing God

Good morning dear one, it is good to be with you this morning. Ophelius and the Circle are here with you to impart some words of truth and beauty. Today I would like to talk about what it is to know God. How can we know God, and what does one do to find him? Those that know God are those that do the will of God by living their daily life always asking and seeking to know his will. They speak to him with a heart of a child and commune with him throughout their day, questioning, praying, meditating, seeking guidance and receiving it through the trust of a parent/child relationship. Those that know God have sonship with him and are now in the will-seeking phase of their relationship with him. The Master lived his life always seeking and doing the will of His paradise Father.

After the born-again believer finds salvation, and is received into the Kingdom as one having sonship with Him, the child of God begins his or her journey in the Kingdom and seeks to do the will of God, but like a toddler, he or she is not always certain of how to gain access to the throne of grace, and how to really know what the Father’s will for their life is. Thus begins the exciting adventure of discovery and great soul growth! This process of discovery, growth, and progression goes on throughout eternity. Each day while exercising the fruits of the spirit in your relationship with God and man, you take one step closer to Him and God takes two steps closer to you. He unfolds and reveals his will according to the faith of the individual. The Master said, “If you but had the faith of a mustard seed, you could command this mountain to remove itself into the sea, and it would obey your command.” Faith and belief are key to knowing the will of God.

After Christ Michael’s return to the Father, having completed his mission on earth, he sent into the world his Spirit of Truth, that all men and women may have access to this divine spirit to discern truth and use it to know the will of God the Father. Those with sonship have this divine access, but many are unaware of this most blessed and useful tool and gift of the Father to know His will. Little children, call on this Spirit of Truth in your daily life—ask for the mind of Christ, and ask the Father to reveal His will to you. The Father so loves his children when they seek to do his will and he will abide in those, his faith sons and daughters, to answer your desires for guidance according to His divine will for your life. Be bold and cry out to Him your desires, hopes, and aspirations, for you are the heirs to His Kingdom—YOU HAVE ETERNAL LIFE and you may claim your birthright NOW!

Take what you shall have today —seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven (the will of the Father) and all shall be added unto you. Hold this truth in the deepest place of your heart and soul my beloved, and refer to it often.

Good day,

The Circle of Seven


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