Sunday, March 29, 2009

Freedom of the Spirit

Good morning dear one, we are here, it is I, Ophelius and the Circle, ready to communicate with you this morning. Today we would speak about what it is to have freedom of the spirit. To have freedom of spirit, one is to be set free by truth and to shed the burden and bondage of material attachments, superstition, and religious dogma. To begin the process of freeing the spirit, it is of utmost importance to first forgive yourself and others for past hurts and trespasses, for this is spirit poison and it retards progression and shuts out the light of truth by the harboring of ill will towards ones self and fellows. All is in the past and cannot be changed, for only the present can be changed, and a new path taken forward, realizing that all these hurts and trespasses are to be counted as experience and life lessons, and as triumphs over the animal nature.

Next is to determine in the mind, which thought process and habits prevent spiritual development, and to recognize these things and tag them as areas to be eliminated or replaced by higher ideals and spirit values. Become conscious of these things and work daily without guilt or fear, and willfully choose to do those things that are progressive and conducive to spiritual development. Perhaps turning off the television; forego listening to news and media gossip; or overindulgence in some form of entertainment or chemical vice. These constant temporal distractions and business of the mind on material pursuits delay spiritual development and often result in digression of soul growth. Put these things in perspective and maintain moderation in all things, thereby maintaining balance and shedding those negative influences in favor of more positive influences. This is forward progression, and it is a walk and rhythm which leads to the unfolding of the spiritual plan and the knowing of the Father’s will for your life.

Do those things that bring peace and beauty into your life. Begin the habit of acknowledging the indwelling spirit and accepting the Thought Adjuster’s guidance in your life choices. Ask for help in the mastering of your emotional responses when dealing with you fellows in daily life. To think before you speak is to check-in with the spirit and to accept divine guidance. Be conscious of your words and how they affect your fellows, for if you are to be the light and salt of the earth, you must learn to temper your criticisms and find common ground with your brothers and sisters. This does not mean that you must compromise your integrity before men, but to realize that spiritual progression is a long process for some and not all are ready to be enlightened. Being a living example of one who conducts his or her life by the fruits of the spirit is all one needs to do to win the hearts and minds of even the most stubborn and spiritually blind individuals. These are all steps to freeing the spirit from the bondage of spiritual stagnation.

One of the most difficult obstacles for many in freeing the spirit is to recognize and neutralize religious bigotry. Religious bigotry at its core was the most powerful detriment to the Master’s teachings in his ministry on Urantia when he walked among you over 2000 years ago. Even his Apostles and disciples had a difficult time understanding his teachings because they were so tethered to the rituals and ceremony of religious traditions that they failed to grasp the real spiritual significance of cosmic truths. Religious bigotry stifles man’s evolution and delays the coming of the age of Light and Life. It divides and conquers through intolerance, pride, and prejudice--that “my god is greater than your god, and therefore we shall never agree.” It is this intolerance and religious bigotry that fuels war and hatred on Urantia, and until you come to that place where you understand how this effects everything in the affairs of men, you shall not have freedom of spirit. Men must work in common on the things that promote unity of spirit. What things do men and women of all faiths hold near and dear their hearts? Love of God, county, family, liberty, culture, well-being, safety and security--these are some of the things that can be addressed and held in trust between all nations and peoples. Free your spirit and release the indifference of religious bigotry--shine your light for all men to see, that you are committed to the brotherhood of man and the fatherhood of God.

Good day,

The Circle of Seven


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