Friday, April 24, 2009

Change Action

Teacher Ophelius:

Today’s lesson is on change action through chain reaction. There is no greater joy than the giving of one’s self--to be of service to your fellows and to feel the great joy and personal satisfaction that you have helped another human being in some way to lessen their load or to show kindness for no other reason than to brighten their day. To develop an attitude of giving from one that is selfish is transformational, and it will accelerate your progressive momentum in this life in the flesh.

In your world today, many people are withdrawn and fearful of strangers. Seldom do you see strangers greet each other on the street when passing by, yet they are all siblings of the human race and hosts to the living fragments of the Creator, which unifies all men and women as brothers and sisters and potential heirs and citizens of paradise. You who are on the path should realize that even a simple gesture as a warm hello can have a domino effect on that person and change the course of their day from one of mundane passive existence to one of infectious joy, and an attitude for love of life, which in turn spills over onto another. So you see my beloved, you become the agents of change in even the small things. How much greater change will there be when giving of yourself in service to others? To teach, to lend a helping hand, to spend time in friendship when it is not convenient, or to comfort those that are hurting. The change potential is exponential and it is these moments, actions, and reactions that will bring this world into Light and Life one soul at a time.

Most do not realize the power of this type of transformational change and its effect on your world. Most people will say, “what can I do,” or, “how can I make a difference--I am just one person.” These are the ones that are waiting for some great political leader or economic era to bring the winds of change to a world that is hurting. That is fallacious thinking--institutions and political parties will not bring change, only individuals with new attitudes and new ideas will infect the masses one soul at a time. Promote the unity of humanity; bring awareness of humanitarian ideals through organized events; take the time out of your day today to do something that will bring your world one tiny step closer to alignment with the Father’s Will, for His Will can be accomplished by his children when they, through their co-creative powers, choose to change the consciousness of themselves and their world one soul at a time.

Good day,

The Circle of Seven


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