Friday, April 17, 2009

A Lesson on Love

Teacher Ophelius:

Today’s lesson is on love. There is much to say about love, for it is the very essence of all things, and it truly could not be described in its entirety in words, songs, or the arts, yet it is the one thing that inspires truth, beauty, and goodness. Love is as infinite as the Creator himself--it is the only real thing of value, the very construct of all reality and relationships between personalities. Love is all that truly matters, for everything else will pass away.

What is it that we are truly searching for today my beloved? What is it that we busy our selves with, going to and fro, here and there, learning, working, playing, creating, building our careers? We do all these things day in and day out, and the years pass by very quickly, but then do we stop for a moment and take inventory of our past? For when we do, what things boil up to the surface—the things of love in our life? They are those precious moments that we cherish--your first kiss; those intimate relationships with individuals that touched you on a deep and profound level; the kindness of strangers that helped you when you were in need; holding your newborn child for the first time; on and on goes the mind as it recalls the memory of the highest value meanings and feelings in your life.

These are the things of love that will survive eternity--these are survival value soul building moments and they become a part of your morontia self. Everything else will pass away. So you see how important these things are and yet they make up a very small amount of your living moments in life. The illusion of the material world and the pursuit of material things distracts us from the most important things in life--the pursuit of love; the giving and the receiving of love; to make a connection with someone on a soul level; to link hearts with your brothers and sisters in unconditional love.

Step outside of yourself right now and take inventory of the important things of love in your life. Think about how you can make a difference and become one of those cherished memories in the life of one of your brothers or sisters. How beautiful it is to be apart of the soul memory of another human being and live forever in their eternal memory. Reach out and touch someone today my beloved. This is the very meaning of what the master meant when he said, “Save your treasures in heaven, for there also will be your heart.”

Good day,

The Circle of Seven


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