Saturday, April 4, 2009

Universal Law

Good morning dear one, It is I, Ophelius and friends, here to speak with you this early morning. No doubt you noticed that we woke you very early this morning, long before you rose, and we spoke about the subject matter at hand. This was done to seed the mind with fragments of the lesson, so that we may more easily draw from the concepts already present in your mind. Much of today’s lesson will be impressed upon you by my associate Ziden, but I will be the last link in the communication with you my brother.

Today’s lesson is on universal law. What is universal law, how does it work, and what is its purpose? You may know something of this universal law, for it is sometimes referred to as “the golden rule,” but this is only one attribute of universal law. Universal law is a spiral loop so to speak, whereby its engine is driven by cause and effect, but opened looped in its results, providing for spiritual growth, or stagnation and regression. Universal law also has a recipical attribute, or a karmic response mechanism, in that the treatment of ones fellows is in one way or another, reflected back like a mirror upon the initiate. Soul growth and spiritual progression is determined by the motive and decision to love and give freely, or to resist and be selfish. It is not that simple though, for there are an infinite number of points between opposites, and an infinite number of resultant degrees of movement up or down the spiral of universal law.

I will give an example from a statement made by the Master when he said, “ If a man would have friends, he must show himself friendly.” This of course means that one must not alienate himself, be disgruntled, or remain aloof with his fellows, but that he must be kind, warm, and generous--be interested in his fellows, and in kind, he or she would find a likewise reaction from his fellows towards him or herself. This is the reflective nature of universal law, and the golden rule is the parameters by which it operates.

Purity of motive and quality of love, or lack thereof, determines the rate of movement up or down the spiral. Are your dealings and feelings for your fellows half hearted, or are they genuinely sincere and fair? The adjutant of intuition and the leadings of the Thought Adjuster are key to forward movement up the spiral in your reactions and dealings with your fellows. To act intuitively and in alignment with the Father’s will is the ultimate goal. To think before you speak and act, to willfully “check-in” with the spirit will entrain the mind for greater qualitative responses, thereby giving you greater control in self mastery and victory over the animal nature. Now is the time to free the spirit and give greater control to the Thought Adjuster, and by doing so, you have greater capacity to willfully benefit from universal law and divine justice.

The open spiral of universal law provides a way for us to learn and grow at our own pace and by our own free will. Its purpose is to help us discover the will of the Father through our dealings with our brothers and sisters--to discover the cause and effect of love in our life and the value of true wisdom. Universal law provides a way to measure spiritual progression and becomes a useful tool of evaluation for the Thought Adjuster and the ministering spirits who watch over you. Universal law is not a law of do and don’ts, it is natural law, it is cosmic consequence, and it is applicable with divine mercy.

After the shedding of the flesh, universal law acts in accordance with divine justice and each soul will go unto his or her own place determinate upon the spiritual level of achievement that soul has progressed in the earth life. The sowing is over and the reaping begins, be it that of continued progression or corrective action. All souls will be given the opportunity for eternal life with metered amounts of mercy and education to continue, or not to continue the grand adventure--to answer the call of the Universal Father, “Be you perfect, even as I am perfect.”

Good day,

The Circle of Seven


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