Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Morontia Progression

Teacher Ophelius:

Good morning dear one. You asked the question: How does one progress on the mansion worlds in the absence of the adversity of the material worlds of time and space? Before I can begin to answer your question, I must qualify the understanding of differences in the capacities of the human mind to grasp the advanced concepts of the Morontia life. What I can tell you is only a vaguely simple concept of ideas that, in most ways, have no human counterpart in language or metaphoric translation. That is why many of the celestial teachers refrain from describing Morontia life to humans because they are careful not to create false references in the minds of their students for realities that are largely unfathomable to the human mind. This is why your Urantia Book makes known the existence of the mansion world system and its basic function, but does not wholly describe its attributes in any detail--not to mislead or to keep truth from you, but to prevent false concepts and unreal expectations from forming in your mind. Morontia life is something that must truly be experienced to appreciate.

The reason for the huge disparity of understanding is mainly because the Morontia vehicle is superior and greatly enhanced and advanced in brain capacity and function. You have in your vehicle five senses that aid in the understanding and interpretation of your time/space environment. So too does the Morontia vehicle have its many senses for interaction and interpretation of its environment--many more in fact than the five you have now, and their function therewith I can find no meaningful description to convey to your human mind. Not only do we have these additional senses, but more are realized as one progresses further into each subsequent level of light taking advantage of the unique characteristics of that particular realm.

Another difficult problem to overcome is the absence of idea constructs in your mind for the concepts of Morontial realities that I perceive in my environment that would be used in the communication process. In other words, I cannot pull out of you that which you do not have. That being said, I will attempt to describe the process of progression in the Morontia realms and as it pertains to the lower spheres only. The higher you go, the more sublime and more difficult it is to relate experiences to the human mind.

To reiterate what I have said and other celestial teachers have said, you begin here on mansonia where you left off in your life in the flesh, spiritually speaking. There is no magic transformation that happens that you become all knowing, all wise, and stand in the presence of the Creator as a perfected spirit and who welcomes you into the pearly gates where you retire into convalescence and endless reversion--a heavenly Disneyland. To the newcomer, he or she will certainly find the surroundings and the activities incredibly interesting and behold sublime beauty unmatched in any of their former earthly experiences. It is a safe environment and one that is free from all want as far as sustenance and maintenance of bodily needs. Although you will have this greatly enhance vehicle, the Morontia body, and with it, superior brain power and function, you will not wake up as an Einstein of the realm. You must learn to use this new body and all of its new functions and capacities. Learning comprehension and knowledge retention is a thousand fold more efficient than any means or method used on earth and you will have total memory recall--nothing is lost as it is with the living experiences of the past in earth life.

Regardless of all this advanced ability potential, many newcomers in the lower spheres retain much of their erroneous belief systems and benign prejudicial philosophies from their former earth life. Those that are most heavily steeped in religious doctrines and dogmas often times find it most difficult to accept the truth of their situation and surroundings because they are expecting a ceremony and celebration of their achievements--a pat on the back for a job well done in the personal presence of the Creator or the Creator’s Son. These prideful pious souls will find it difficult at first to progress into the higher spheres. They must be purged of all these fallacies, erroneous beliefs, and prejudices, and come to a place of childlike understanding and acceptance with humility before they can move on.

Those who were truth seekers in their former earth lives and who remain open to new ideas with childlike wonder will acclimate quickly and pass through the detention spheres to find equilibrium in a higher sphere. Once the weeds have been pulled and the soil made fertile, these Morontia initiates will learn and accelerate their progress as they begin the work of perfection and discover what it is to be a part of the family of God.

Your question, “how does one progresses in the absence of adversity,” I must make correct in that there is present the adversity of your own ignorance, prejudices, and misconceptions about the Kingdom, the grand adventure of eternity, and service in the family of God?

The seeking and the doing of the Father’s will is present at all levels of creation and in every sphere of light. It is the key to all spirit progression throughout the grand universe, even unto paradise, and it is the answer to your question.

Good day,

The Circle of Seven


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