Saturday, May 23, 2009


Teacher Ophelius:

Today’s lesson is on purification. What does it mean to be “pure” and how does it relate to the building of the soul? Think of the soul as a vessel, and think of your life experiences, thoughts, intentions, and feelings as water to be stored in the vessel. If you were to store up water for a long journey, would you not then take the utmost care in making sure the water is pure and free from all contaminants so that you would not become ill by it when it’s time to start your journey? So too must you be mindful how you live your life on the worlds of time and space, for the utmost care should be taken to prepare your soul for the afterlife on the mansion worlds.

Many of you become so concerned and distracted with the affairs of the world and become fearful of the future. You listen to all the media hype and you willingly go in search for the evil plots of men and governments and fill your mind with all the injustices of the age. A feeling of helplessness and anxiety pervades your being and you become restless, always looking for the next calamity to materialize. I say to these ones, fear not what the powers and principalities can do to the body, for they have no control over the quality of soul. Only you control the purity and the volume of survival value substance in the building of the soul. The vessel is an opportunity basin and it is only as large as the days of your life are long, so fill it everyday and free yourself from the worry of the affairs of this world.

See the world and all its imperfection as a theater for the doing of the Father’s will. If your neighbor is the victim of the injustices of the age, reach out to him or her in love and kindness--build those valuable soul experiences, for it is the relationships between brothers and sisters that matter--the brotherhood of man--the purities, the clear water. All the negativity, strife, and labor of the temporal will pass away--the impurities, the spirit poisons. Be conscious of what goes into your vessels my beloved, for as each day passes, the lid of the vessel closes a little more. Make sure your water is pure for the journey.

Good day,

The Circle of Seven


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