Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Coming Changes


This is Athenia of the Circle. Your world is going through a time of great planetary change--change in many ways, physical and spiritual. In this Correcting Time, Christ Michael has mandated that your world be brought into spiritual alignment with the rest of the evolving worlds in this local universe of Nebadon. There is an acceleration of events that are happening now and many people living on the surface of material consciousness will find great struggle and peril as we approach the threshold of the coming age of Light and Life.

I say to you, my earth brothers and sisters, be not afraid and be strong in your faith that these times will not overtake you. Stay centered and aware--seek solace with your indwelling spirit and know that you will be well cared for no matter what may befall you and your loved ones. Seek to do the will of the Father that he my keep you in service to humanity as the great purging begins. It is important to keep in mind the larger picture of eternity and your place in the universe as an ascending soul who is just starting out on the greatest and most sublime grand adventure any being could partake in--to find God and to be like him.

Urantia is destine to become the grand jewel of the universe and there are countless orders of beings here from all seven of the super universes to witness this great event, which will be written in the annals of universe records as one of the greatest planetary transformations from darkness and rebellion to light and life. You, my dear ones, are living in a most peculiar and exciting time in the history of Urantia, for many here on the mansion worlds speak with envy for the position and opportunity you have been afforded in your place and time to dwell on the earth in your material souljourn.

Love is the key to a peaceful transition. Love your brothers and sisters and live everyday as if it were your last day on the earth, but know that all will be well and life will continue here and into eternity. There are literally legions of unseen helpers, teachers, and guides, ready to assist you in your spiritual progress. Please take advantage of the services these ministering spirits offer. Never before in the history of Urantia has there been available so much love and assistance from your celestial brothers and sisters, for the Father wills it, and so it is.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven


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