Sunday, June 21, 2009

Smell the Roses

Teacher Ophelius:

Today’s lesson is about taking the time to “smell the roses.” Many of you my beloved, have difficulty in stilling the mind for meditation and communication with God. I offer you an alternative, and that is to literally experience the meditative backdrop and setting for all future meditations. Go off by yourself to a secluded place of beauty in nature where you can be undisturbed, and where you feel totally uninhibited. Fill yourself with the anticipation of expectant ecstasy. Drink in the bliss of the surrounding panorama; spy the earth, the sky, the trees, the birds, the flowers and feel the living energy that courses through all things. Become one with this living energy and see yourself as a part or fixture in the creation that surrounds you. Let this moment and this place of beauty be your cathedral to invite the presence of the Creator into your holy temple.

Ask the Father to share this moment with you--to see through your eyes; to smell the sweetness of Earth; to feel the gentle breeze on your face; to share in the gift of your joy--this solitary moment in time where you forget yourself and all the cares of the world. Live in this moment of union--just you and your maker. No words need be spoken, for words cannot express the divine connection and the perfect love that is shared between God and his beloved children when they open up and lay bare their souls before him.

God loves you so very much--he is your spiritual Father and he desires to have this father/child relationship with you. While you are in this state of stillness and communion, let the still small voice of spirit speak to your mind, and when you have listened, pour out your heart to God with all your praise and thankfulness; your hopes and desires; and your prayers for others. Ask him to perfect your mind and allow him to mold you into a more beautiful image of his intention by removing those things in your life that separate you from his perfect will. Offer yourself as an instrument of the Father’s will.

Prayer: “Father, let me be the harp of your divine will--play me that the heavenly vibrations resonate from me, through me, and into the hearts and minds of my brothers and sisters. Guide me and keep my feet on the path of righteousness that leads to paradise where I may stand before you in perfection and glory. I love you, I love myself and this precious life you have given me. Bless me Father, that I may be a blessing to others, that they may also stand in this place of sonship and communion with you. Amen.”

Go now my beloved, the Father calls.

The Circle of Seven


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  1. Chris -

    All these messages are so timely; Thank you so very much for these and the Circle of Seven.
    This message, indeed resonates with me as I love our mother Gaia and all of nature. Nature is my cathedral - now and always!

    I have this "thing" that I do when out in the beauty of nature - I kiss flowers and say,
    "Your beautiful and I love you". (this is only when I am by myself).