Saturday, June 6, 2009

Consciousness of Spirit

Teacher Ophelius:

Today I will speak to you about what it is to be conscious of your indwelling--that spirit of the Father that lives within you, who guides you, and teaches you--the perfect director of your soul and pilot to paradise. This precious, timeless, eternal and all-wise fragment of the creator is the jewel of the grand universe and is the ultimate gift to mankind from the Creator. It is the link and channel by which God reaches down to man and man reaches up to God. The indwelling spirit is the passport to the grand adventure and the key to eternal life in the kingdom of the Father. How blessed are you the children of the Most High to be endowed with such a sacred, perfect, and holy presence, that within you lies the potential to become perfect--to become like Him. Through this pre-personal spirit of eternity may you one day fuse with and stand in the very presence of the Father of all creation as Finaliters, having taken the grand adventure and completed the call to perfection.

If mankind could only know and realize what ultimate truth, beauty, goodness, love, and power that lives within him, for there would be peace on earth and goodwill towards all men. This is the goal of the ages my beloved, to be conscious of this indwelling spirit of God--for all men and women to know the truth of their indwelling and accept sonship with the Father. You are the heirs to an eternal kingdom for which all possibilities are attainable and the vistas of sublime and incomprehensible grandeur will be your playground.

How futile and pitiful that man will fight, hate, and kill his brother for the gain of some puny plot of land or material wealth in his brief stay on the worlds of time and space when the infinite is at his doorstep. Wake up children and see the big picture of eternity! Start your journey of perfection today!

Practice bringing into consciousness the presence of the indwelling spirit as often as you can in your daily life. Speak to spirit about all your concerns, your questions, and your desires. Share your moments of joy, and your hurts and defeats with the spirit--the more you hold in trust and council with the spirit, the more real and effective will your alignment with the will of God be.

Become one with the spirit my beloved,

The Circle of Seven


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