Saturday, June 13, 2009

Why Me?

Teacher Ophelius:

Today I shall address and appeal to the many who are asking, “why me?”

There are many of you that are facing much trial and tribulation today, and we see, hear, and feel your pain my beloved. It is imperative that you stay focused and let the will of the Father flow through you. In these confusing times of fear and anxiety, you must let go and sit in the silence and presence of your indwelling spirit and ask for guidance--ask the Father to fill you with his love. Let the warm feelings and vibrations of this love wash over you--sit and bask in it without expectation. Live in the glorious moment of this intimate embrace between you and your creator and let all fear pass away. The Father knows what you need and you have only the need for faith in receiving what is yours by divine right as one who has sonship with God.

My beloved, you must all take a broader view of the eternal plan and look at life on the worlds of time and space as an opportunity for great gains in the perfection of your infant soul which will propel you in the forward progression of perfection attainment in your journey towards paradise. These hardships that you face now are a needed correction to set your sails on a more direct path to the higher spheres of light--the kingdom of the Father’s family. If only you could look back from my vantage point and know how blessed you are, evening in your sufferings, that if it were not for this difficulty, you may never have reached the door of the Father’s house in your journey thus far.

Have faith my beloved, you will get through this time of trouble and you will shine bright like a beacon of hope for others to follow after. Reach out to others who are also afflicted at this time and help them understand the greater purpose. As you help others, you will find how blessed you are, and this will lessen the load for both you and your brothers and sisters. Look for the opportunities that present themselves to you and walk through the door. If you choose to stand still in these troubled times, the waves will surely overtake you. Move forward and look for the signposts that will lead you out of the valley of darkness. Things will change--they must change, for life is about change. Move with the river of life my beloved and see what’s around the next bend, for the landing may well be worth the trials and the battle of the rapids.

Prayer: Father, I ask that you will open the eyes of your children to the greater purpose of your will. Strengthen those that are suffering--surround them with your healing ministers and direct their feet to the path of refuge. Help them to weather the storms of life and to realize the benefits of their trials as a needed step forward to the greater things to come. Amen.

The Circle of Seven



  1. Dear Chris, I enjoy reading your group's messages on George's 11:11 site. I also recently discovered Geoff's site, The new birth is from the bible, "born again" , and the way to be born again or to experience a "new birth" you need to pray for God's Love to come into your soul.
    I read in this message: "ask the Father to fill you with his love. Let the warm feelings and vibrations of this love wash over you -- sit and bask in it without expectation." This is exactly what the messages of James Padgett contained.I was glad to read this because I believe there is much truth contained in the Padgett messages as well as all the messages you and George and many others receive. Chris ,are you familiar with the new birth website and what do you think ?
    Thanks much, George Jambor

  2. George,

    Yes, I have been to Geoff's site, but I have not read much of the Padgett material. Geoff and I have read many of the same books though, and I know how meticulous he is about discerning truth and pointing out error, and so it is safe to say that anything you find there is very credible. Thanks for commenting. Feel free to email me anytime.

    Chris 11:11