Thursday, July 2, 2009

Divine Purpose

Teacher Ophelius:

Today beloved, I will speak about what it means to have divine purpose. To have divine purpose means that your life is guided toward a worthy destiny that has an effect on, or changes the coarse or outcome of, other’s lives in some positive way as to start a chain reaction of life changing events, that over time, will change the world. That, my friends, is how spirit works behind the scenes to move humanity in a forward direction without violating the free will directive. We influence and guide with calculated expectation to achieve the Correcting Time mandates to bring this world one step closer to Light and Life.

Each one of you has an important part to play, and the more you listen to your indwelling spirit; your intuition; and follow after those synchronicities and signposts; the greater will be your purpose. Those that “have” will be given more. When you let the Holy Spirit flow through you and let the Will of God move you into action, then will it be as the Master said, “you will do even greater things than I.” Yes, you are destine to do great things my beloved, but you may ask, “is this not pre-destiny?” No, because you have free will and you may choose to do, or not to do, those things that have benefit to you and to humanity. When the will of the Father is circumvented by the poor decisions and the selfish actions of free will creatures, spirit recalculates and finds another path of means and ways to bring about His desire to bring all men and women unto himself--to answer the call to perfection.

When lives are lived in constant discord and moving against the flow of the river of life, the soul atrophies and the quality of your gift to the Supreme Being is diminished. Time is often wasted in the nursery of creation and valuable character building averted which can never again be experienced in the unique environment of the worlds of time and space. Yes, those character deficiencies can be compensated for on the mansion worlds, but the opportunities to affect and change the lives of your brother and sisters in that rich and soul building environment are forgone. Consider the possibilities of what could be and move in that direction. You can swim against the current my friends, but one day you will tire, let go, and let God bring you to a place of understanding.

So you see my beloved, divine purpose is driven by love. Love is the answer; love is the guide; love is the future; love is the way; love is the truth; love is the life; God is love; God is in you; love is in you. Now go your way--you have purpose, you have love to give--go and love one another.


The Circle of Seven

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