Friday, July 3, 2009


Teacher Ophelius:

Today, the Circle will address the problem of burden concealment. Many of you who are suffering through difficult circumstances in this chaotic time are harboring great burdens and withholding them from your friends and loved ones. Although this may seem honorable to you, keeping fear and worry from your family, you are doing a disservice to yourself by keeping it all held inside where it is growing like a tumor. Despite your brave face, the signs are starting to show, not only physically and emotionally, but also spiritually in the vibratory broadcasts of your auric field. Others sense this and pick up these negative vibrations and know that something is wrong.

By keeping these secrets you are poisoning your physical vehicle and making fertile the body for sickness and disease to take hold. Many of you desire to share this burden, but cannot conceive the notion of revealing your concerns to certain members of your family for fear of causing even more distress and adding pressure to an already volatile situation. These are valid considerations and must be dealt with in the spiritual realm first, then in the human realm.

Seek solace with your indwelling spirit and present yourself openly, sincerely, and with humility before God and explain the situation. Ask for help to resolve the conflict within and ask for guidance in how you are to handle the affairs that cause the burden. Request that the guardian seraphim of your loved ones influence them to be open and understanding to these sensitive issues. Pray that the outcome serve the greater good of all involved.

After you have presented your case to God, ponder this appeal for a time and build faith in a positive outcome. Remain optimistic that things will improve and know that you have legions of unseen friends at work in your behalf. All things are possible with God and your faith in Him will strengthen you and see you through the storm. Watch for the signposts and seize the moment to remedy the situation of concealment with your loved ones. Share the burden with someone and lift it from your shoulders. You and your brothers and sisters are all in this school of life together and you can all learn from each other. Remember to keep the broader view of eternity in your future outlook. All things will work for the good of those who seek perfection, for God wills that you make straight the way unto Him. Go now and close the door of your closet and stand before the throne of grace.

Prayer: Father, open the vessels of mercy and pour out your divine spirit upon your struggling children. Make clear the way and the path that leads to peace and tranquility of soul. Send forth your ministering spirits to guide and protect--to work behind the scenes in the affairs of men to bring about change that leads the souls of the faithful to overcome the adversities of time. We ask these things that they bring glory to you and bear witness to those who sleep and do not know you. Amen.

The Circle of Seven


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