Saturday, July 11, 2009


Teacher Ophelius:

Today’s lesson is about developing spiritual awareness through brain entrainment. What is brain entrainment and how does it work to bring about greater spiritual awareness? Brain entrainment is simply a repetitive iteration of habit forming events or thought patterns used to change the routing of neuron pathways in the brain to develop new behaviors that increase awareness and learning.

The first thing we must do is be honest with ourselves and ask, “what habits or patterns of behavior are detrimental to my spiritual walk in life.” These are things we do out of habit or vice that separate us from the Father’s Will, which leads to spiritual stagnation. This could be an addiction or overindulgence in unhealthy food, negative forms of entertainment, ungodly language, covetousness, jealousy, materialism, or any other vice or behavior that we know deep down in our heart of hearts that separates us from God and ignores the leadings of the indwelling spirit.

We should not to feel guilty or ashamed about the state we find ourselves in if our intent is to progress, for we can use our awareness of these things to bring about positive change and replace these behaviors with spiritual habits and clean living. To entrain our brain to overcome poor habits, we must make a mental tag of each area we wish to correct and attach a new more positive habit or healthy thought pattern to it. Each time you identify a negative behavior, imagine a fork in the road and place a “sentinel” there to guard you from going down the wrong road. Immediately replace this thought with a positive thought or event. Make a “habit” of placing the sentinels there first, then use your will to execute the alternative. Prioritize the changes you would like to make and work on them one at a time. Transformation will not happen overnight, but sure and steady progress will bring you to that place you desire, and in many cases, it will exceed your greatest expectations.

It is important that you set aside some time each day, if only a few moments, and have a little talk with your paradise Father. Verbalize your desire for improvement and ask for help in overcoming the challenges of your animal nature and to recognize the negative elements of your cultural and societal environment that lead you away from Him. Be open to new ideas and watch for the signposts that point you in the right direction.

Prayer: “Father, please help me to be more than what I am. Strengthen me in my weakest moments and remind me of the glorious future you have prepared for me. I feel your presence in my life and I am drawn to you. Guide me and keep me on a path of love that transforms me into the ideal of your intention for my life. Amen.”

The Circle of Seven


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  1. Very beautiful teaching! It's hard to change, but if we ask for help and enligthment every day, we'll be surely assisted by god and his angels.