Sunday, July 26, 2009


Teacher Athenia:

This morning I will address the daughters of man, for it is Christ Michael’s and Mother Spirit’s desire to see that all women on this world come into complete equality in every aspect of planetary life. The higher spiritual vibrations of this Correcting Time will be perceived more and more by the female mind, and they will nurture and express this spirit of higher consciousness in the outpouring of love for all humanity and for the wellbeing of the planet itself. The dominance of the masculine energies on this planet will make way for this spirit of equality to flourish and it will take hold in the most unlikely places on Urantia. No evolutionary planet can come into the age of Light and Life without this equality.

To those women who read this message, I would ask that you sit in the silence everyday and feel this finer spiritual energy course through you and let it build in you a new confidence and a surety that the universe stands behind you in your purpose to progress this planet through your assertion of these spiritual prerogatives. You will achieve equality by overcoming the negative energies of oppression through the outpouring of love and the nurturing instinct common to all womankind. You will work in the spiritual plane first, then in the physical, to manifest the desire of the Creator Son and the Mother Spirit.

Let there be a bond of sisterhood between each of you and may you lift each other up. Work together instead of in competition in the work place and build a network of solidarity with your sisters. Never use the tools of oppression and bigotry that have been use on you--send love in return for malice and discrimination, and watch the power of love break down the walls of oppression. Work on self-mastery and control your emotions, for those who anger you will continue to have control over you. Liberate yourselves with the power of the Holy Spirit and let the Spirit of Truth speak through you. When the fruits of the spirit are made manifest in you, then will you earn the respect and authority due you.

Assert yourself in domestic affairs and relationships as a free will personality indwelt with the spirit of the Creator of the universe. God is no respecter of persons and all are loved equally in His eyes. Family life is where you must first achieve equality, then will it follow in the work place and in politics. It is the power to love in the face of all doubt, fear, disappointment, and discrimination that will be your liberator--use it and know that you are changing the world!

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven


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  1. I'll be the first to comment. Thankyou, and the drawing here looks like a universal theme which is based in the cultural setting of Mexico. Peace to you.