Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hard Choices

Teacher Ophelius:

Today I would like to speak about the affairs of the heart that pertain to the bondage of habitual living and the fear associated with severing ties with persons for which an unhealthy relationship exists that threatens to extinguish the flickering faith of a newly awakened soul.

Many of you are exploring and discovering a new and exciting path of faith and spiritual awareness that you find great liberty of soul and comfort of mind. You are shedding the old skin of materialism and selfish pursuits that was perhaps born out of painful situations and experiences for which you still find you are a part of. You feel trapped by strong dominating personalities that selfishly and desperately seek to keep you from this path of progression and perfection attainment that you have chosen to pursue.

If you are to continue on a spiritual path of love and progress, and you have already decided that you cannot go back to your former state of illusion, you must look ahead and ask yourself if the relationships you have with others will really be a part of this new paradigm of love and faith in a spiritual universe? Many of you already know the answer but are reluctant to act and deny the facts in order to avoid the pain of separation from habitual living that is in many ways addictive and harmful as is smoking or other dangerous vices.

In this Correcting Time there will be much turmoil, shifting, and positioning as the consciousness of humanity changes and adapts to the higher vibrations of a world in the pre-light and life stage of planetary evolution. Some of you will be more perceptive of these higher vibrations than others and will be called to a higher purpose. If you are to answer this call, you have choices to make that will determine your place and your effectiveness as an agent of change in the lives of the people around you. To live is to change--stagnation leads to digression and death. Live children, and move in the direction of love and progress--make the hard choices and free yourself of unhappy and unhealthy relationships that are self-serving and spirit binding. Let go of fear and know that when you walk on the path of righteousness, God will lift you up, go with you, and show you the way to a better life.

Prayer: Father, please help and guide me in my life decisions that they will lead to a greater awareness of your love for me, that I may use this divine love and project it out into the world like a beacon of light for those that are lost in darkness. Give me the courage to take charge of my life and make the changes that will lead to greater purpose and realness of being. Amen.

The Circle of Seven.


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