Saturday, July 18, 2009

Victory over Affliction

Teacher Ophelius:

Today’s message is to address those that are afflicted with all types of handicaps, both mental and physical: blindness, deafness, paralysis, cancer, chronic disease of all sorts, manias of depression, phobias--every adversity of body and mind that suspends you from being whole. God has not singled you out to torment you in any way my beloved, nor are you being punished for any wrong doing for sins you may have committed, or suffering for the sins of your ancestors--let us be clear on this. Your physical vehicles have become damaged from either the accidents of time, environmental abuse, or from the genetic negligence of the Adamic default--a failure of the descending sons to up-step the DNA of humanity to eliminate these genetic deficiencies as would occur on a normally evolving planet not subject to rebellion and confusion as was Urantia via the Lucifer insurrection.

Your lives on the worlds of time and space are but a blink of an eye in eternity my beloved, and God has planned a glorious future for all his children. For He has called you to be perfect and to become like Him in every way. But you ask, “why am I afflicted and my neighbor is not--this is so unfair? How shall I become perfect?” All will be made right and you will be well compensated for your afflictions on the mansion worlds, for the first shall be last and the least shall be greatest. This is the law of God.

Having this larger view of eternity is vital to achieving the prize, and you must not fall into “pity parties” and living a life of self-loathing and feeling sorry for yourselves. No, you must use whatever capacities you have to love and to make positive use of the short time that you have left on this material plane. Just as your brothers and sisters that are whole must work and strive to progress and build their souls for the treasures of heaven, so must you do the things worthy of your compensation in the next world which you are destine to receive. Christ Michael calls all his children to service in the Kingdom.

There are many things you can do even in such limitations as you may have, that can make a difference in the lives of the people around you. Case in point, Helen Keller, who has achieved such seemingly impossible achievements in the face of great disadvantage, progressed from a savage-like creature as a child, to a great teacher and inspirational pillar to all those who are challenged with the adversities of their afflictions. If you can still think and make moral decisions, you have the ability to grow your soul by giving and receiving love. The spirit and the soul has no handicap--it is outside the physical.

We, the ascending mortals of the training worlds of human ascension (the seven mansion worlds), cheer you onto victory as we prepare to receive and welcome you home. For you will experience wholeness of being that is beyond your human comprehension and the constant astonishment and wonder of the grand adventure as God unfolds it before you.
Your lives, your experiences (your gifts) are important to the Supreme Being. Stay in the game children, build your characters and enrich your souls. You may not understand all the reasons why, but when you are standing where I am now, it will become evermore apparent--this great call to perfection.

Peace and love,

The Circle of Seven.


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