Friday, August 21, 2009


Teacher Ophelius:

Today I would like to talk about what it means to have “spirit-sense,” and how many of you, who are on the path, are being led by this spirit-sense to books, websites, and other information in your search for truth to find the hidden meanings and soul desires to know God and to find purpose in your life.

Spiritual pressure is increasing on Urantia in this Correcting Time, and there are great numbers of teachers and guides available to help those who seek assistance--even those who are only searching their souls, having the tiniest spark of desire to know God and the true meaning of life, are being led to sources of knowledge that will point that individual in the right direction toward God consciousness.

Every personality is unique and each one requires a unique curriculum to bring to life a clearer picture of spirit values; interpretations of life purpose and eternal aspirations; and to fill the innate desire to serve God and man. This inner drive to seek truth is initiated by the indwelling spirit and is in effort to “spiritize” the mind for greater sensitivity to spirit gravity coming from the Isle of Paradise--from the First Source and Center, and to insure eternal survivability and later fusion with your father fragment.

Be conscious of this “spirit-sense” my beloved, and follow where it leads. Your time on the earth is brief but incredibly valuable and intense for critical soul building experience and development. Never again will you have this unique experience of being “thrown in the mix,” so to speak, with so many contrasting characters and situations--of being dropped in the wilderness without a compass, and finding your way by keeping your ear on the faint distant sound of a familiar voice calling you home.

God has great plans for you to serve in eternity. Study, learn, meditate, teach, love, and be loved. Use your spirit-sense of curiosity and the discernment of the Spirit of Truth in your search for God and purpose. It is our desire and intent as spirit teachers and guides, to help you make the best use of your time while you are here; to maximize the value of your experiences; and to help you to progress to a level where you are assisting us at bringing humanity out of darkness and into His marvelous light. Your work is important!

God speed,

The Circle of Seven


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