Saturday, August 29, 2009

Spititual Dividends

Teacher Ophelius:

Today’s message is about “spiritual dividends”--the receipt and realization of spiritual blessings in ones life as reward for diligent hard work in the improvement of self (self-mastery), devotion to God, and service to man.

Many of you have been faithful in your pursuit for spiritual discipline and your love for truth, beauty, and goodness. You love the Father and you strive to help those around you in your daily life, yet are you passing through difficult times searching for “the light at the end of the tunnel.” My beloved, know this: when you have been faithful and sincerely ask for that which you need from your heavenly Father, it shall be given you according to his divine will. Many sometime think that “according to His will” is some kind of a disclaimer, and that the desires of your heart and your needs will go unanswered. I say to you, BELIEVE!

You will have everything that you need for your work and that which is needed to sustain and keep you growing and progressing in your pursuit for perfection attainment--that also includes the well being of yourself and your family. When you work selflessly to serve God and man, the universe pays you back. The Father knows what you need and you have only to ask and believe to receive.

When you become His ears, eyes, hands, and feet on the ground in this material world, bringing light into this troubled sphere, you become very valuable to Him and to the collective forces of the universe who work in unity to bring all to perfection in time. You will be afforded protection and you will be given that which you need to prosper and to continue your important work. “According to His will,” will be according to “your will” when you “do” the will of your Father. Will you turn to Him this day and receive what you need?

Let us suspend all disbelief for a moment, and speak these words aloud with me:

“Heavenly Father, I love you, and I want to be like you. I believe that you want only the best for me, and I ask that you provide those things that will help and sustain my family and me as I continue to do the important work you have asked me to do. I believe that the opportunities and circumstances for those things that are needed are being arranged and on the way to me this day. I thank you Father, for all the blessings you have given me, and in great faith I humbly accept these blessings and will use them for the continuance of the great work ahead. AMEN.”

Now my beloved, watch for the signposts, knock on the door and it shall be open to you.


The Circle of Seven.



  1. Such a simple yet powerful message. I am one who so often thought of "according to His will" as some kind of disclaimer. I know this message will speak to many. Thank you, Ophelius. I will begin to recognize and receive my own 'spiritual dividends'.

  2. Chris, I simple want to thank you & Ophelius for your wonderful blog postings. I only found you last weekend as my Midwayer Creature family, & guides led me here....
    Every One of your postings spoke directly to me! AND was something very important to me personally. Ophelius, you spoke directly to me! I am so full of Love in gratitude to you! Thank you, & Chris please know what you are doing is very important, appreciated, & so good.

    I have wrestled with the Urantia Book since the 1960's. Sometimes it spoke to the very core of my being & other times it made me so mad I would walk away for years at a time.

    I was raised in a Catholic Orphanage & bonded with "Spirits" instead of humans at the earliest age I can remember. "Spirits" have been my family & constant companions all my life.Spirits as my only true companion in this lifetime.

    I have been extremely involved in Ascension, 2012, Planet X, & all the related things leading up to these current developing Metaphysical Healing events.


    Yes I am pestered by the shenanigans, & constant frequency acceleration of multiple recurring numbers coming in a frenzy of digital happenings. I've experienced this since & before Harmonic Convergence in the 1980's, but not like lately. It's been driving me relentlessly!

    I suppose that's how I got to your blog. I will be checking the blog very frequently as I am so moved! Thank you, for helping me & my Spirit family unite a little closer as the viels are falling.

    Thank you, thank you, thanks you! May All the Blessings of the Highest Good for the Highest Number be with You!

    Here's a whole lot of LOVE coming your way ;)

    Namasta, & Blessed Be!

    Lady Gwen

  3. What a simple and beautiful message. The accompanying artwork is exquisite. Thank you.